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Türkiye'nin Tüm ATM'leri Birleşti!

You can realize your transactions now via Your branch on Facebook!

Send money to your friends, who can withdraw it from DenizBank ATMs without having a DenizBank account or send it over to someone else.

View your credit card and account information, arrange your agenda using this application.

Enjoy banking experience of the future with our "first-in-the-world" application. From now on, life is beautiful at Deniz on Facebook too!

To be able to use “Şubeniz Facebook’ta” application, you must first have a username and e-password for AçıkDeniz Internet Banking.

For activation, please follow the following steps.

  • Log into AçıkDeniz with your e-password and username,
  • From the Your Branch on Facebook menu; compose the username and password you want to use for the application,
  • Select the account you want to use,
  • Click on “Connect to Facebook” button,
  • Enter your Facebook account credentials and connect your DenizBank account with your Facebook account.
  • Activation is required only for once.
  • Click “Banking” tab under facebook.com/Denizbank,
  • Enter the username and password for Your Branch on Facebook that you determine in AçıkDeniz Internet Branch,
  • Enter the SMS password you receive on your phone and enter the application.

Money Transfer

You can send money to mobile phones or accounts of your friends whenever and wherever. Although not a DenizBank client, the recipient can withdraw the money from any DenizBank ATM.

Card Information

You can view account summary of all your DenizBank credit cards, spending graph of previous months with a pie chart showing sectors of your spending.

My Assets

You can view your time or demand deposit account balances, follow up your loan or credit card debts, and view your fund portfolio.


Thanks to agenda function, you can view birthday of your friends, and follow up your payment deadlines with reminders.

You can instantly share your complaints, satisfaction and suggestions with Customer Satisfaction Center.

Daily limit 1.000 TL

Per transaction limit 490 TL

In addition to using universally recognized security standards, Şubeniz Facebook’ta Application includes some extra security modules. 128 bit encryption is used for data security.

After activation, and logging into your Facebook account, you can enter Şubeniz Facebook’ta application with the SMS password that you receive on your mobile phone number registered in our Bank’s system. SMS password is a one-time password developed on top of the existing security structure securing the highest security standard for your transactions.

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Fırsatlardan haberdar olmak için DenizBank Facebook sayfamızı begenin !

DenizBank’ın ürün, hizmet ve kampanyalarından elektronik iletişim kanallarıyla haberdar olmayı onaylıyorum.

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