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Our bank has adopted the Banking Ethical Principles within the framework of ethical rules.

In line with the principles adopted in accordance with Article 75 of the Banking Law No.5411, DenizBank Top Management ensures that the bank employees and managers act according to the bank ethical rules, such rules are adopted by all employees and the bank carries out its activities within the framework of this set of rules.

Within the framework of the ethical rules DenizBank adopts, the following elements are taken into consideration in protecting the rights and interests of retail savers, maintaining trust and stability in the financial markets, ensuring efficient operation of deposit, credit and payment systems, prevention of transactions and applications that might cause considerable losses in the economy, serving to the best interests of the public and protecting the environment.

  • Honesty
  • Impartiality
  • Reliability
  • Transparency
  • Observing social benefit and respect to environment
  • Fighting with laundering of crime originated assets and financing of terrorism
  • Preventing insider trading
  • Avoiding unfair competition between banks
  • Performing practices that increase the public trust in the banking sector
  • Observing the common interests and reputation of the sector
  • Developing the banking system
  • Informing the customer about the products and services offered
  • Keeping customer secrets with due diligence
  • Managing the resources in the best possible way
  • Increasing the service quality and addressing the customer applications with care.
  • Providing correct, coherent, complete and timely information to the customers with regard to the products and services
  • Taking the managerial decisions for compliance to all Banking Ethical Principles published by the Banks Association of Turkey and implementing them

Compliance with the Law and Regulations

Complying with the letter and spirit of the law and regulations, knowing the general regulatory environment of work place (law, regulation, circular, procedure, internal announcements, and market practices).

Compliance is Everyone’s Business

Taking responsibility for our personal behaviors and acting in accordance with the ethical values.

Insider Trading

Taking all the necessary measures to prevent the use of the information belonging to the bank and customers for the trading purposes.

Confidentiality and External Communication

Evaluating confidential information with utmost care.

Customer Relations

Respecting the customers, behaving honestly.

Conflict of Interest

Paying attention to the issue that personal and similar interests conflicting with the customer interests do not affect the banking transactions.

Behavior in the Workplace

Helping to create a positive atmosphere at work.

Use of Social Media

Respecting the reputation of our Bank and the other financial institutions in the sector in using the social media.

Tasks outside the Bank

Acting in accordance with the ethical principals in activities outside the Bank.

  • Please click here to see the Code of Banking Ethics of the Banks Association of Turkey.

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