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DenizBank's Corporate Governance Principles have been developed within the framework of the Corporate Governance Principles disseminated by the Capital Markets Board (CMB), taking into consideration international and sector-specific practices.

Corporate Governance Report

Corporate Governance Statement sets forth the Bank's commitments concerning the arrangement of relations with stakeholders and the determination of the duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the subordinate management levels within the framework of its corporate governance concept based on transparency, equality, responsibility and accountability.

The growth achieved in a short time span by DenizBank, founded in 1997, has been possible through its commitment to these principles and the parallel reinforcement of its management mechanisms. The aforementioned principles constitute the backbone of DenizBank’s ongoing restructuring process which is a part of its dynamic growth.

The attitude of the founders and the Professional management which underscored participation and equality as well as being transparent enabled rapid progress in the adoption and execution of the Corporate Governance Principles. Extreme care is taken for putting in place and developing mechanisms that conform to the Corporate Governance Principles along with the aims detailed below that, first and foremost, have the basic aim of protecting investors and establishing confidence.

Prior to its initial public offering (IPO), the Bank voluntarily adopted the CMB’s Corporate Governance Principles by also taking into consideration international principles and sector-specific practices. The first “Corporate Governance Report” was released with the approval of the Board of Directors on the meeting held on September 16, 2004.

DenizBank interprets the Corporate Governance Principles as a dynamic phenomenon that needs continuous improvement. As a result, the Bank periodically reviews domestic and international corporate governance practices and new developments in this area. The monitoring and improvement of the practices regarding the Corporate Governance Principles is performed by the Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee.

DenizBank exercises maximum care to comply with the principles outlined in the annex to BRSA’s Regulation on Corporate Governance Principles (Regulation) and expends maximum effort to comply with CMB’s Corporate Governance Communiqué (Communiqué) No. II-17.1 Corporate Governance Principles.

The Bank's implementations carried out within the framework of the practices regarding CMB Corporate Governance Principles and their compliance with these principles are assessed annually in DenizBank Corporate Governance Principles Compliance Report.

Corporate Governance Reports

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