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Nowadays, societies expect institutions to deliver much more than purely commercial and financial success. Our stakeholders, shareholders, employees and clients ask us to differentiate ourselves from the others not only through our product and service offer but also social projects.

DenizBank is well aware of this responsibility. With this in mind, we realize projects that contribute to social development in various areas under the light of social indicators on one hand, and shape our activities with the principle of being an open and transparent institution as per our corporate governance principles on the other.

Within the framework of this important responsibility that we carry, we support particularly those projects aiming at social awareness in the field of education, culture, arts and sports, and we exert our best efforts to contribute to the modern and advanced Turkey aimed by Atatürk. While contributing to economy and sustainable future of our country via our financial activities, we aim at providing the same level of contribution to social sphere by supporting education, culture, arts and sports.

We focus on projects contributing to development of our country in many fields with the purpose of unearthing our cultural values falling through the cracks, protecting our rich culture and arts heritage, and developing it with new moves, supporting our internationally recognized, successful people involved in culture and arts. Through DenizKültür publications prepared to develop our society’s awareness on history and to share scientific and objective research related to our recent history with big masses, we have the mission of further enriching our national heritage and carrying it over to the future

Knowing that economic welfare cannot benefit to our society and country unless accompanied by social welfare, we carry our usual ‘high quality’ stamp affixed on our banking services to our efforts in the field of culture, arts and sports; and lay our stones on the road to sustainable future with the support of our "Sailors". On the other hand, we consider supporting all those in need through donations and assistance in those areas requiring social solidarity as a fundamental principle of our corporate social responsibility.

Upon approval of its Management, in line with principles and limits determined by Capital Markets Board, Turkish Commercial Code, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, and as per its corporate social responsibility policy, DenizBank provides donations and assistance to foundations, associations, institutions, public bodies working in the field of social responsibility, culture, arts, education and sports and all individuals in need working to add value to the society in the same fields. DenizBank publishes list of all its donations and assistance in its Annual Report; and inform all the shareholders during the Ordinary General Assembly of the related year.

You can see our sponsorships, DenizKültür publications, cultural events and other events realized all over the country below.


  • Full time scholarship to 120 students within the scope of Turkish Education Association corporate sponsorship
  • Support for IMECE project in the main solution partnership with Turkish Community Services Foundation (TOVAK) and the Ministry of National Education,

Culture & Arts

  • “DenizBank First Script First Film” Contest in collaboration with Turkish Foundation of Cinema and Audio Visual Culture (TÜRSAK).
  • Support for Alacahöyük Excavations, the first national excavation in Turkey
  • “1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th “International Istanbul Opera Festival”
  • 12th International Bodrum Ballet Festival
  • Istanbul State Symphonic Orchestra corporate sponsorship (since 2004)
  • Renovation of Afife Jale Stage
  • Through DenizKültür that manages DenizBank Financial Services Group’s projects that enrich the cultural, artistic and literary life:
  • 29 publications:
  • Ottoman history – recent history and prestige books: Ottoman Geography, History of the Republic, Turkish Economy in the Year the Republic was Proclaimed, Suleiman the Magnificent, Istanbul from Past Till Present, Sarıkamış Tragedy, Ottoman Cities
  • Economy books: Global Financial Crises, Inflation, Devaluation and Interest in Turkey
  • Travel Books: Travel Guide of a Yachtsman, Diary of Deniz
  • 9 documentaries: Diary of Turkey, Istanbul the Historical Peninsula, 31 March Incident, Ömer Yılmaz Set, The Country of Endless Blueness: Bodrum, Turkish-German Alliance, Photograph Archive of Recent History, Turkish Entrepreneurship in Europe, Diary of our Art
  • Audio Literature: Stories are voicing up: Set 1 and 2
  • Music productions: Three Tenors Concert, J.S. Bach, Tuna Ötenel, Ömer Yılmaz
  • Exhibitions: Ottoman Sultans Exhibition
  • “BelediyeDeniz” newspaper
  • “Diary of Deniz” for Affluent Customers


  • Within the framework of “DenizBank Agricultural Mobility” project which we actualized in collaboration with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock:
  • Distribution of 500 thousand books to 5000 villages
  • Computer donation to 130 village schools
  • Photo contest and exhibition with the theme “Agriculture and People”
  • Agricultural folk songs CD and book


  • Our financial support for Top 5 Clubs which are Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe, Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor and Bursaspor and other prominent sports clubs of Anatolia
  • Our Fan Card Portfolio
  • Manchester United Bonus Card
  • Official partner of CEV, the continental governing body of volleyball in Europe

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