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Denizbank Customer Constitution

The fundamental essence of DenizBank Customer Constitution is “customer first” philosophy.

We act according to “customer first” philosophy in all studies we conduct with our customers and know that the key of the way to the heart of customers is hidden in these two words.

Our approach is applied in customer oriented behavior in scope of principles denoted below:

Each customer is special. As DenizBank, we greet our customers with special attention and provide services with privileged conduct.

We are Hospitable. Each and every customer who received services from our branches and Call Centers are our guest. Being hospitable is the final expression of all DenizBank family regarding customer approach.

We Smile. We are sincere and kind towards our customers and perform our transaction and services with a smiling face.

We provide services with DenizBank quality. We provide our products openly in a transparent manner. The essential principle of DenizBank service quality is to provide the right product to the right customer.

We listen to our customers. We closely listen to the requests of our customers related to DenizBank products and services, try to capture situations that require special solutions and fulfill them.

We create solutions. We correctly analyze the financial needs of our customers, try to understand their real needs and provide result oriented solutions.

We thank our customers in a sincere tone of voice. We sincerely thank the customers who prefer us and benefit from our products and services.

We attach special importance to complaints. Each complaint is a real gift from each customer. This is why all DenizBank employees take an approach to turn complaints into “satisfaction”, give them priority, share it with relevant units and ensure solutions.

We apologize for mistakes. When we have an erroneous transaction or interrupted service, we thank our customers who complain as they give us an opportunity to fix our mistake and apologize sincerely.

As DenizBank, we greet our customers in light of these principles, treat them as our guests, and provide services with a smiling face sincerely.

Because we know that customer comes first...

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