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General Director : Coşkun Aral
Director : Vedat Atasoy
Vocalized by : Alp Buğdaycı / Elizabeth Mary Edwards
Date of Production : 2007
Production No : Documentary 9
Duration : 60"
Features : Master, DVD

With its history dating back to thousand and thousand years ago and the cultural richness inherited by different civilizations that governed the city, Istanbul is a common value not only for Turkish people but also for the humanity as a whole. The historic peninsula where the heart of this city is beating has been in the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 1985. This region draws the attention of the whole world thanks to its architectural structure as well as historical importance. Prepared in Turkish and English, this documentary reveals the Historic Peninsula's adventure lasting more than 2500 years and reminds us of the priceless assets we own.

Episode Titles

  • Kadıköy / Khalkedon - The Land of Blind
  • Sarayburnu
  • İstanbul Boğazı / İstanbul Bosphorus
  • Haliç / Golden Horn
  • Hipodrom
  • Milion Taşı / Milion Stone
  • Dikilitaş / The Egyptian Obelisk
  • Yılanlı Sütun / The Serpent Column
  • Erguvan / Judas Tree
  • Örme Sütun / The Walled Obelisk
  • Alman Çeşmesi / The German Fountain
  • Çemberlitaş / The Column of Constantine
  • Ayasofya / Hagia Sophia
  • Sulukule
  • Yerebatan Sarnıcı / Basilica Cistern
  • 3. Ahmet Çeşmesi / Fountain of the Ahmet 3rd
  • Kariye Mozaikleri / Mosaics of Karia
  • Theodosius Limanı / Theodosius Port
  • Kapalıçarşı / The Grand Bazaar
  • Topkapı Sarayı / Topkapı Palace
  • Fatih Camii / Fatih Mosque
  • Süleymaniye Camii / Süleymaniye Mosque
  • Süleymaniye ve Zeyrek / Süleymaniye and Zeyrek
  • Mısır Çarşısı / The Spice Bazaar
  • Fener ve Balat
  • Sultan Ahmet Camii / Sultan Ahmet Mosque
General Director : Orhun Şemin
Vocalized by : Rüştü Asyalı

Date of Production : October 2007

Production No : Documentary Productions 8

Duration : DVD 80". / 1st Cd 55". / 2nd Cd 47"
Features : 19 x 13.5 cm, DVD and Audio C

The biography of Tenor Ömer Tılmaz, whom we lost in 2006... A childhood starting in Zigana Plateaus and continuing in Radio Ankara and then on opera stage...Opera years accompanied by excellent skills, extraordinary voice and 53 years dedicated to the idea of "National Opera". A nature lover and an artist passionate about folk songs. The biographical documentary of Yılmaz was prepared in the form of a set together with "Aria" and "Folksong" CDs.

General Director : Coşkun Aral
Director : Vedat Atasoy
Date of Production : 2007
Production No : Documentary 6-7
Duration : 1st DVD 60" / 2nd DVD 60"
Features : Master Set, DVD

Bodrum Documentary was prepared under the leadership of expert documentary director Çoşkun Aral with the cooperation of DenizBank. The purpose of the documentary is to present Bodrum's natural and cultural richness. The film was duplicated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and it represents Turkey's popular tourism center, Bodrum in national and international events. The documentary recorded in two DVDs under DenizKültür archive is composed of 4 episodes each with a different title.

1st Episode- Sunken archaic remains
2nd Episode- Nature
3rd Episode- Culture
4th Episode- History

Author : Alptekin Müderrisoğlu
Director : Levent Kaleciklioğlu
Vocalized by : Alp Buğdaycı / Elizabeth Mary Edwards
Date of Production : July 2007
Production No : Documentary 5
Duration : 76"
Features : 19 x 13.5 cm, 3 episodes in one single DVD box

The book treats the 31 March Countercoup which started on April 13, 1909 according to Gregorian calendar and which deeply shook the Ottoman Empire in cause-effect relation. The book covers the events paving the way for the 1st Constitutional Monarchy and the period until the proclamation of the Republic. This documentary prepared by using the researches and rich photography archive of Alptekin Müderrisoğlu is based on the historical facts hidden in details. This photographic documentary presents all of the things experienced in this period with striking documents and surprising historical ties.

Author : Alptekin Müderrisoğlu
Director : Levent Kaleciklioğlu
Date of Production : July 2007
Production No : Documentary 3-4
Duration : 1st DVD 87"/2nd DVD 71"
Features : 19 x 13.5 cm, 6 episodes in two DVD boxes

In German journals and magazines published during the World War 1st, we can see various news about Turkey and Turks. The subject of such news is Turkish-German alliance. German soldiers who came to support Turkish fronts fought side by side with Turkish soldiers and shed blood at Sina, Gallipoli, Iraq and Palestinian fronts. This documentary series composed of 6 episodes and presented in 2 DVDs was prepared in long years by using the photographs collected from the afore-mentioned books, journals, magazines and military archives.

Source : Alptekin Müderrisoğlu
Date of Archiving : 2006
Production No : Documentary 2
Number : 12 DVD / 20.000 Photographs
Feature : Master Set, DVD

Approximately 20.000 photographs which were collected as a result of dedicated efforts lasting long years and taken from the books and documentaries which belong to Alptekin Müderrisoğlu were transferred to digital medium. The purpose is to cast a light on history on behalf of history reseraches. These photographs are recorded 12 DVDs in the archive of DenizKültür.

Director : Namık Üstünel
Production Year : 2006
Production No : Documentary 1
Duration : 35"
Feature : Master Film, DVD

In this study Turkish emigration to Europe for labor force, which dates back to about 100 years ago, was summarized. This is kind of a "preface" of a documentary series composed of 25 episodes. The study titled "€ Türk – Turkish entrepreneurship in Europe" and realized by DenizKültür is one of the steps made to discuss the dangers and solution proposals that Turkish businessmen who reached a strong position in continental Europe might come across in 2000s. The study which was registered in DenizKültür archive in 2006 aims to make a projection about the year 2015 together with the European institutions to take part in the project.

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