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Author : Nebil Özgentürk
Publishing Date : December 2014
Publication No : 32
Number of Pages : 205
Feature : 30 x 22 cm.

We’ve given an ear to the sounds of the languages and elegies belonged to the people lived on these lands…

We’ve visited Artvin, Van and Ağrı…

We’ve sailed to the Prince Islands and reached the Balkans.

We’ve recorded both the sounds of the azan and church bell in Mardin where the ancient civilizations come together, and the Kurdish traditional folk songs dinging in our ears in the middle of our way from Diyarbakır to Hasankeyf…

We’ve attended both Alevi Jem ceremony in Hacıbektaş, and Dhikr ceremony in the Balkans which are the starting point for the “Evlad-ı Fatihan”, the birds of passage, who have been scattered to the four winds in Anatolia…

We’ve recorded horon, zeybek, halay and kazaska…

We’ve listened to Abdal folk songs in Kırşehir and the melodies of the bouzouki on Büyükada or Burgazada…

There were lots of songs and Türkü’s welcoming us on our way… The brotherly Türkü’s have become the harmonious background to these romances.

The Gülnihal song at the palace of Dede Efendi… The Dido song at the slopes of Şavşat… The Telli Telli song on the Islands… The Sarı Gelin song over the Lake Van… The Ahirim Sensin song over the cemetery in Kırşehir… The Kara Gözlüm Çingenem song at Ahırkapı…

The Erenler song on the road of Kapadokya-Hacıbektaş…

The assyrian chant “Uşano” in the fortress of Mardin… And the Alişimin Kaşları Kara song in Prizren…

“The three famous documentalists of Turkey have met up for the project “We Are the Wanderers of the Cultural Roads”. This documentary study, the related book and DVD set, prepared by Nebil Özgentürk, Can Dündar and Coşkun Aral, have become a part of our cultural assets.”

Author : Başak Kuytuoğlu Dizdar
Publishing Date : April 2015
Publication No : 33
Number of Pages : 731
Feature : 17 x 17 cm.

Along with exploratory enthusiasm, voyages and travels require to stop by different notable places which are associated with grief and joy, lodged in the memory of the lands visited. They also embrace various human stories… Sometimes we track the traces of ancient cultures and explore the myths and legends which have been handed down from a generation to a generation.

The book “Geziograf” prepared by the attorney at law Mrs. Başak Dizdar provides exactly such a journey to the readers, enlights stranger directions in the four corners of the world and comes to the fore as a unique guide and reference book while presenting the information which makes life easier.

Author : Murat Katoğlu - Aslı Ayhan
Publishing Date : June 2014
Publication No : 31
Number of Pages : 441
Feature : 172 x 245 mm.

From the perspective of our country’s prestige opera and ballet are as important as theatre and cinema. In comparison with other spheres of cultural life we have a strong sense of pride in our music and performing arts which were discovered by us much earlier than in any other country of the Middle East or Far East. A nice proof of this can be found in the presented literary work, which introduces us to the detailed study carried out throughout the years by Murat Katoğlu and Aslı Ayhan. This substantial piece of art, which can be characterized as a brief visual history of the opera and ballet in Turkey, demonstrates the development process we got through not only in the music and performing arts, but also in the graphic arts.

Author : Orhun Şemin – Perihan Yücel
Translation by : Natalia Kızılkaya
Published Books : 2013
Publication No : 30
Number of Pages : 276
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

Two geographies both on Asia and Europe on the coasts of the Black Sea basin, Turkey and Russia… These two countries that are among the most important and strongest figures of the world area have strengthened their relations with rooted cultural, economic and social sharing besides the same lands in the past centuries. They shared the same fate and history of nearly 500 years in Eurasia that has housed several civilizations. Starting from Kiev Russia and Seljuk era, the history of these two geographies have reflected each other on the journey of each turning into strong empires such as Moscow Russia and the Ottoman Beylik and state structures respectively.

Russia and Turkey weaved their similar fate of their joint past sometimes with war and sometimes with peace, alliance, aid and friendship… They underwent 12 great wars in depth but showed extraordinary solidarity as if to inspire the proverb “a neighbor is in need of another”; just like the in the war of Independence.

The book “Two coasts and One Sea” gives the opportunity to analyze developments in culture, literature, arts and economy in the wide spectrum of history besides acting a unique historian that brings a perspective to our lives shaped in the same geographies. In other words, it accompanies the journey of Turkish-Russian relations from the Ottoman era to the Republic.

Author : Nebil Özgentürk
Published Books : 2012
Publication No : 29
Number of Pages : 238
Number of DVD : 3
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

Composed of a book and documentary series, Diary of our Art project includes stories of people or arts that have placed great marks on our close history. Cihan Ünal and Haluk Bilginer dubbed the documentary movie Diary of our Art, which stands as a monument of respect to big names that enrich culture, arts and literary lives in our country ranging from Abdülhak Hamit Tarhan, Aşık Veysel, Cahide Sonku, Müjdat Gezen, Neyzen Tevik, Orhan Pamuk, Münir Nurettin to Halit Refiğ; some being sad and some making us smile.

Besides the documentary films whose music was composed by Can Atilla, 24 valuable artists ranging from Halil Ergün, Erkan Can, Beyazıt Öztürk, Meltem Cumbul, Demet Akbağ, Serra Yılmaz, Tarık Akan, Nefise Karatay, Güven Kıraç, Mustafa Alabora, Ayşe Arman to Candan Erçetin undertook the roles of artists and literary persons of our close history. The photographs from these performances were enriched by the accomplished drawing of the famous caricaturist Kutlukhan Perker and stories of 85 interesting lives that had never come to light before.

Preparing Diary of our Art, Nebil Özgentürk tells how the idea of the project was born. “… we wanted to tell colorful memories of art as in the form of short stories. These are events of art, each lasting for 6-7 minutes. Rather than who they are related to, these stories have rich content, with a surprising ending, making you smile, shocked, strange, coming suddenly through the timeline, deserving applause, enjoyable but weird and unusual stories. Ever since the beginning, I said to myself I would call these stories memories with culture and arts. Lyrical, epical, symphonic, classical, hygienic, photogenic, didactic, and maybe not so popular stories! … (Çetin Altan) said; “In hidden labyrinths of this country, millions of people pass through by writing their own story.” I would never forget these words.”

Author : Özer Yelçe
Illustrating : Berna Konyalı
Music-Editing : Ceren Düzgünsoy – Hakan Okkır
Published Books : 2011
Publication No : 28
Number of Pages : 35
Number of CD : 1
Feature : 25 x 25 cm.

“Brother Violin Tells It” written by Özer Yelçe and illustrated by Berna Konyalı was prepared to introduce different instruments making up a symphonic orchestra with an entertaining story. Presented with a CD, the book tells all members of a big family called “orchestra” from flute to contrabass, from viola to trombone, from drums to guitar from the mouth of “Violin”, the little and pretty daughter of the family.

“We live under spotlights and applauses. The sound heard when two hands hit each other is the melody of happiness for us. … Come to meet us all and you will definitely become friends with one of our family members. Because all the sounds they make are your friends. Let days full of music enlighten your life …”

Author : Alpay Kabacalı
Published Books : December 2011
Publication No : 27
Number of Pages : 319
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

Having succeeded to the throne at a complicated time when the Ottoman Empire was beginning to decline with internal and external conflicts and uprisings were in place, Mahmud II was a Sultan who left an indelible mark in our national mind with his innovations in social and cultural life with the target of westernization as well as his reforms in the military.

Reigning for 31 years with his different perspective on the problems of the era, his determination and reformist spirit, Sultan Mahmud II undersigned a significant turning point in history by abolishing a strong and deep rooted institution which became an actuel threat by deviating from its purpose, the Guild of Janissaries.

Valuable writer Alpay Kabacalı who drew what went on domestically and abroad in such a critical era in the Ottoman Empire with the political, military and social panorama of the era including the rich World of ideas and dreams of Sultan Mahmud II with his objective historical approach, once again invites us on a historical journey in the light of scientific facts embraced in an engrossing novel. He takes us on a trip of an era circling the colorful character of Sultan Mahmud II who established the first medical school of our country in 1827 and who wrote poems with the pseudonym “Adli (judicial)” after being named as such based on his reforms in justice.

Author : Necdet Sakaoğlu
Published Books : December 2010
Publication No : 26
Number of Pages : 320
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

Turks who represent the last one thousand years of the civilization that flourished in Anatolia, have expended their sovereignty to Asia and Africa continents, along with their culture. Turkish had been taught in schools, used in state correspondence, inscribed on tombstones and spoken in marketplaces in places like Yemen, Libya and Belgrade. Turkish mosques were built in the squares of Balkan cities, new cities featured Bursa style houses and Ottoman architects constructed inns, caravanserais and stone bridges in Damascus, Baghdad, Cairo and Sofia.

This book, which can be regarded as the second volüme of Geography of the Ottoman Empire, at the Beginning of the 20th Century, which was published by DenizKültür in 2008, around 300 cities and large towns are described with regard to their urban and social characteristics, different aspects, histories, the observations of the travelers who visited them and photographs.

Author : Nebil Özgentürk
Published Books : May 2010
Publication No : 25
Number of Pages : 225
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

The documentary “Diary of Turkey” prepared by Nebil Özgentürk and enriched with short films of master directors joined our world of culture in the form of a book and a set of DVDs. To the question “Why Diary of Turkey”, Nebil Özgentürk responds in the first pages of the book.

“Pages are opened in Diary of Turkey. What flows through the pages is more or less the story of a country. Memories with sweet and bitter traces, very special moments and remembrances since 1923… We will go on a long journey together. Our navigation includes stories of people that slide all through the history. Real stories and events starting from the establishment of the Republic of Turkey until our day are told. These stories are continuation of and complementary to one another. However each story seems to be an independent one. The whole can be also called as a short history of one country.

Some of these stories are forgotten, some forced to be forgotten, some abandoned in the backyard, and some presented with pride. Some are shocking, some make you smile, some surprise, and some others having you say “I wish it hadn’t happened”… We wish that all those agonies are left in those pages, and never happen again; and our smiles, enthusiasm, and happiness get greater.”

Author : Alpay Kabacalı
Published Books : December 2008
Publication No : 24
Number of Pages : 320
Feature : 30 x 22 cm.

As it is known, Suleiman I, who is known in the West as Suleiman the Magnificent/ Le Magnifique/ Grand and in the East as Suleiman the Lawmaker, is the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, being from 1520 to 1566 (46 years). Under his reign, Ottoman Empire reached its largest boundaries and the peak of its strength and gone-through its golden-age. This book provides you with the opportunity to analyze the Golden Age of Ottoman Empire via a vast panorama of events including Suleiman I's accession to the throne, his invasion policies in the East and in the West and scientific, cultural and artistic developments made within the term.

Reading the story of Sultan Suleiman "the Magnificent"; an emperor, a soldier and an artist that reigned the longest, had many significant achievements and broken a new ground in terms of administration by putting the laws in writing, will excite your hearts, too.

Author : Hakan Öge / Sophie Hunter
Published Books : December 2008
Publication No : 23
Number of Pages : 336
Feature : 25.5 x 22.5 cm.

Perspectives from a word-tour cruise of 3 years…. The cruise held with the cooperation of the magazine "Atlas" has been converted into an art work by photographs taken by Hakan Öge, who is also a photographer. Hakan Öge and Sophie Hunter (Belgian), authors of the book, who met for the first time at this cruise, got married afterwards. This cruise made the roads of two people, one of whom was following dreams bravely since childhood years and the other in search of the perfect life, cross in a travel to which they had started alone but which ended together. This is the story of these two people's insatiable love for each-other and for the whole existence in the universe. This adventure, which is full of excitement of the severe struggle given in the seas, curiosity for discovering places in different geographies and the joy of meeting new cultures; is a travel in which readers will discover their very natures and the role they play in the universe…

Author : Dr. Saruhan Özel
Published Books : March 2008
Publication No : 22
Number of Pages : 292
Feature : 21 x 13.5 cm.

The 3rd book written by Saruhan Özel, DenizBank Chief Economist, "The Equilibrium of Global Disequilibria" (Global Dengesizliklerin Dengesi) was published in March 2008. In this book the writer criticizes the new global economic order in the light of the recent economic and political developments in the world and in Turkey. The 3 chapters of the 300 paged-book, namely "The Global Recession Concerns and Action Plan", "The New Global Economic Order" and "Turkey's Place in the New Global Order" mention to the reasons of the global crisis and recession of 2001, the measures taken, the excitement faced in the global financial markets during and after 2002, the effect of globalization, the integration processes of China and India into the global economy, the new political formations seen all around the world (a huge area from Russia and China to Iran and Venezuela), the backstage of the American mortgage crisis of 2007, the economic disequilibria emerged in the last 7 years, the risks they caused and the solution proposals. In addition, the recent place of Turkey within this new political order and the place Turkey should have had are criticized in the last chapter of the book. The other books of the writer are:" Inflation, Devaluation and Interest in Turkey", which was published in 2000 and "Global Financial Crises" which was published in 2005.

Author : Necdet Sakaoğlu
Published Books : December 2007
Publication No : 21
Number of Pages : 319
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

Using the written sources of the relevant term, the book, which focuses on the panorama of the period between years 1907-1908, reflects the latest vast frontiers of the Ottoman Empire, which was the last political representative of Mediterranean civilizations, In the book, written by the successful writer Necdet Sakaoğlu, you'll find the effects of the 1908 Revolution which emphasizes on the passion for freedom, brotherhood and justice on the inevitable collapse of the Ottoman Empire and also the information on how a giant empire had collapsed in a period as short as 10 years, which dominated over 30 provinces, 8 flags and 7 additional management regions on a land covering the area from the banks of Sava to Persian Gulf and from Yemen to Tunisia in the period of 1907-1908. You'll also find the story of the young Republic rooted in Anatolia, the birth place of Ottoman Empire, and the national boundaries determined by the National Pact (Misak-ı Milli).

Author : Alptekin Müderrisoğlu
Published Books : August 2007
Publication No : 20
Number of Pages : 288
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

The book, which presents detailed statistics on the labor force, infrastructure, production, foreign trade and national income, enables us to compare the economic indicators of the past terms with recent ones and gives us a detailed evaluation, which relies on scientific data, of the progress Turkey has gone through over the past 75 years. The book written by Alptekin Müderrisoğlu indicates the situation of Turkish economy in the year of the proclamation of the republic and the conditions of the relevant term by 450 documentary photos.

Author : Alptekin Müderrisoğlu
Published Books : August 2007
Publication No : 19
Number of Pages : 316
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

The book, which is written by Alptekin Müderrisoğlu, tells the legendary story of the exemplary victory won by many anonymous Turkish citizens, the heroes and heroines, in the period between the year 1909 and the post- Turkish War of Independence term by presenting documents and photos of the said term. In this book, you'll read how our ancestors struggled to win our holly independence war, the financial support given to the war, how our poor society gave financial support to the war while they weren't able to make their own living, how the bottleneck was overcame and the information that will keep your national consciousness awake at each page.

Author : Alpay Kabacalı
Published Books : December 2006
Publication No : 18
Number of Pages : 319
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

Alpay Kabacalı, tells in his book "Mehmed the Conqueror: The emperor who turned the Ottoman Empire into the Eurasia Empire" the era and the regency of Mehmed the 2nd, the Ottoman Sultan. The book mentions the famous Emperor in many aspects: as a politician, a soldier and as an artist as well. The engraving art, portrait, miniature and documents presented in the book are of great importance. But the rough drafts Mehmed the Conqueror has drew when he was just a little child are the most attracting and interesting. Those rough drafts are interpreted as an indicator of his being the "Emperor of the East and West."

Author : Alptekin Müderrisoğlu
Published Books : December 2006
Publication No : 17
Number of Pages : 495
Feature : 22 x 15.5 cm

Sarikamış Operation, which got harder with the personal conflicts between Pasha Enver and Hafız Hakkı and which exposed ten thousands of Turkish soldiers to hard weather conditions on Allahuakbar Mountains, led over 90 thousand of Turkish youngsters to freeze to death in 2 weeks. The book, written by the researcher-writer Alptekin Müderrisoğlu, presents soldiers' memories, newspaper reports, hostilities, the given orders, documents and the attitudes and behaviors of the commanders and uncovers the Sarikamiş Tragedy with all its details.

Author : Alptekin Müderrisoğlu
Published Books : December 2006
Publication No : 15 - 16
Number of Pages : Volume 1: 399 / Volume 2: 302
Feature : 22 x 15.5 cm

Sakarya is the milestone of the contemporary Turkish history. Thanks to Sakarya Victory, Greek army, deployed near Ankara, was regressed behind Afyon-Eskişehir line; the new Turkish Government has won recognition around the world and proven its international importance. The book, which is composed of 2 volumes, was written by Alptekin Müderrisoğlu in the light of the documents obtained from Turkish, Greek and British resources. The first volume of the book, titled "When Greeks Were Coming Close to Ankara", covers the factual background of the events happened between the period from when the Greek King Constantine left Athens in order to invade Ankara to the time when he seized Afyon, Kütahya and Eskişehir and came close to Ankara, the capital city. The 2nd volume treats the subject how this big defeat turned out to be a big victory…

Author : Alpay KABACALI
Published Books : December 2005
Publication No : 14
Number of Pages : 320
Feature : 30 x 22 cm

Abdulhamid the 2nd, the last Ottoman Sultan of Administrative Reforms period and the first Sultan of Constitutional Monarchy, was one of the Sultans who reined longest. Although it has been approximately 130 years since his accession to the throne (1876) and 100 years since his Dethronement (1909); his era and personality have always been a discussion topic. While being denigrated by the nickname "Red Sultan" by some people who aim at presenting him as an assassin; for many other people he has been a "Great Emperor" who has glorified Islam Religion and exceptionally perfectly reined a huge Empire under really hard circumstances. One can tell that this book, which involves a great number of visual materials such as documents, photos and engravings, doesn't treat Abdulhamid II as a good or bad personality but as an emperor who played an important role in history.

Author : Dr.Saruhan Özel / DenizBank Chief Economist
Published Books : July 2005
Publication No : 13
Number of Pages : 302
Feature : 23 x 16.5 cm.

The second book "Global Financial Crises" of Saruhan Özel, the Chief Economist of DenizBank, emphasizes how the many world-famous financial crises have developed. It displays how these crises, which hit various developing countries such as Mexico, Turkey, Russia and Thailand and which affected global economies negatively, passed through these stages. The macroeconomic and social problems, which constitute the basis of the crises, are analyzed. The book that treats the formation of financial crises is a comprehensive study which also reflects the writer's personal experiences gained in the countries hit by crises in addition to the literature scan and theatrical framework

Photos : Selim Seval
Monolog : Nalan Barbarosoğlu
Date of Publication : July 2005
Publication No : Publication No
Number of Pages : 180
Feature : 34 x 16.5 cm.

The photographic book titled "A Very Long Dream…Istanbul" is an exceptionally sized book. Selim Seval has taken the vertical pictures of the districts, avenues, historical buildings and works of art which are considered as the symbols of Istanbul. The introduction of the book is written by Prof. Dr. Mehmet Beyhan, who has played an important role on Turkish photography. "What a pity if you let it go at only looking to the picture! Secrets of the photo will never be uncovered…But when you ask yourself "What is there unseen?" there is hope… Sevim Seval's book, whose monologue text is written by Nalan Barbarosoğlu, doesn't aim at being the pioneer or the first of its kind. But as such books are rarely published in our country, this book can be considered as an interesting attempt.

Author : Alpay Kabacalı
Published Books : December 2004
Publication No : 11
Number of Pages : 319
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

In this book, our political history of the past eighty five years from the War of Independence to our day is examined chronologically in six chapters. However, events are analyzed in ways that have not been explored by history books previously. In other words, the book takes us behind the scenes. In this book, Alpay Kabacali does not disregard the "objectivity" criterion expected from historical accounts one more time.

Author : Alpay Kabacalı
Published Books : December 2003
Publication No : 10
Number of Pages : 351
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

"Istanbul From Past Till Present" is notable as being the first chronological history of Istanbul. Besides historical upheavals in the city, the book also exposes certain interesting events forgotten and left between the yellowed pages of old history books. Considering that this unmatched city was the Ottoman capital for 470 years and has been our country's cultural capital for the last 80 years, the book is a source to learn about how and where many "firsts" in Turkey originated.

Author : Alpay Kabacalı
Published Books : December 2002
Publication No : 9
Number of Pages : 456
Feature : 28 x 20 cm, couchette, with photographs

In 2002, DenizBank published the book titled "Tarihi, Mekanları, Kitabeleri, Anıları ile Saray-ı Hümayun- The Imperial Palace: History, Courts, Epigraphs and Memoirs". This work was written in 8 main headings about the organization of the palace, epigraphs, the lives and memoirs of various sultans from Mehmet II to Vahideddin, the Harem and Enderun sections of the Inner Court, the palace traditions for ceremonies, meetings, weddings, births, deaths, protocols and practices of the Imperial Council (Divan-ı Hümayun) based on information compiled from primary sources and years of studies. Numerous miniatures, engravings, pictures and photographs are used to illustrate the period.

Author : Necdet Sakaoğlu - Nuri Akbayar
Published Books : December 2001
Publication No : 8
Number of Pages : 324
Feature : 30 x 20 cm, couchette, with photographs

The book portrays Sultan Abdülmecid (who reigned during the Tanzimat years, a key period of transformation and reforms in Ottoman history) exhaustively as the sultan who opened the way from the Tanzimat period to the Mesrutiyet (constitutional monarchy) period and from there to the Republic; focusing on his private and social life, his character, family circle, relations with the imperial family, his friendship and clashes with high-ranking officials of the time. This book was our New Year gift to customers as the 8th book of DenizBank publications.

Author : Muhip Şeyda Işıktaç
Published Books : November 2001
Publication No : 7
Number of Pages : 131
Feature : 23.5 x 17 cm, couchette

"Law in Practice For Bankers" was the 7th book of DenizBank Publications. Muhip Seyda Isiktaç interpreted basic legal concepts in terms of banking practices, as a source to guide contemporary bankers and practitioners of the legal profession.

Author : Necdet Sakaoğlu - Nuri Akbayar
Published Books : December 2000
Publication No : 6
Number of Pages : 319
Feature : 30 x 22 cm, couchette, with photographs

This work narrates court, state and societal traditions, magnificent ceremonies upheld for centuries, bazaar and market supervisions, the administrative center (Bab-ı Ali-The Sublime Porte), the janissaries, supply and transport systems, coffee houses, florists and even prisons as reflections on the mirror of history. We present it to our world of culture as a comprehensive work of research and a reference to be read with pleasure.

Author : Dr.Saruhan Özel / DenizBank Chief Economist
Published Books : December 2000
Publication No : 5
Number of Pages : 131
Feature : 24 x 17 cm.,couchette

"Inflation, Devaluation and Interest Rates in Turkey", the fifth book of DenizBank Publications was written by DenizBank Chief Economist Saruhan Özel and narrates the current state of the Turkish economy through economic theories and concepts, includes macroeconomic analyses, the amalgamation of the economic theory with the operation mechanism of financial markets and goes behind the scenes of many economic developments that are a part of our daily lives. We believe that it is a considerable contribution to the economic and finance literature of Turkey, which is rather sterile relative to its rich macroeconomic features.

Publisher : Alkım Publishing
Published Books : October 2000
Publication No : 4

We contributed to the first book of the series Active Articles titled "Active Banking and Finance Articles-I". This book includes selected articles from the disciplines of finance, economics and banking as well as selections from the avidly read Active History articles.

Author : Murat Göksu
Published Books : October 2000
Publication No : 3
Number of Pages : 78
Feature : 19.5 x 13.5 cm.

A selection of poems by opera artist and director Murat Göksu from 1973 until now. In his words, "My Friend the Sun and Those under It' is about love and fun. There is nothing without love and fun, anyway".

Author : Necdet Sakaoğlu - Nuri Akbayar
Published Books : December 1999
Publication No : 2
Number of Pages : 320
Feature : 30 x 22cm, couchette, with photographs

On the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Ottoman Empire's foundation, this book takes a look at the stages experienced in the transition from the exceptional mosaic of the empire to the republic, which then became a world state. The perspective is that of ‘Entertainment Life', a colorful world encompassing culture and art. We present it as a gift to our world of culture as the first book of our series of history researches and the second book of DenizBank Publications.

Author : Nurettin Ergen - Fehim Özdoğan
Published Books : October 1998
Publication No : 1
Number of Pages : 336
Feature : 27 x 19 cm

In contribution to the celebrations of the 75th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic, we distributed this book to national libraries across the country and libraries of schools in 8 cities where our branches are located. Applied Turkish Education is a potential reference for 6th, 7th and 8th grades written by renowned Turkish teachers Fehim Özdogan and Nurettin Ergen. The book aims to help students develop their capacity to use Turkish effectively, adopt the habit/pleasure of reading, implant a reading culture, enhance their ability to understand what they read and write expressively. There are texts and poems in thirty five chapters written from different perspectives.

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