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Dowry Account

Preparing for marriage early on? A dowry account with a state subsidy is just for you!

General Information

By opening a dowry account at DenizBank, you can increase your savings with an additional 25% state subsidy. With the dowry account, it is possible to invest in the future from today. You can immediately start to make savings by opening a DenizBank dowry account and easily refund it with an extra state subsidy. By taking advantage of the payment facilities offered by DenizBank, you can secure your savings in your dowry account. You can make savings in your dowry account without exhausting your budget by placing a payment order from your credit card or deposit account. If you open a Dowry Account before you settle down, you'll be relaxed after marriage. You can open a dowry account for yourself or your child by coming to DenizBank. Furthermore, you can benefit from a state subsidy of up to 9,000.00 TL in addition to your savings in the dowry account.


By opening a DenizBank Dowry Account, you can get dowry account support with an additional state subsidy and easily invest in your future. Dowry Account features are as follows;

  • You can open a Dowry Account for a child whom you are the parent/guardian of, or yourself if you are under the age of 24. In order to open the account, the account holder must be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • You can open the dowry account in Turkish Lira only. You cannot open more than one dowry account or a joint dowry account.
  • Your dowry account is opened with a 3-year term and automatically renewed at the end of the term unless you order otherwise.
  • You can place regular payment orders from your checking account or DenizBank credit card to your Dowry Account.
  • You can opt for monthly or quarterly payments as you wish.
  • If you opt for monthly payments, you can pay between 155.26 – 1,552.65 TL. And if you opt for quarterly payments, you can pay between 465.78 – 4,657.95 TL.
  • You can open your account with an initial amount between your regular payment amount and 23,289.62 TL if you want.
  • The accumulated interest amount of your dowry account for the relevant year is added to your principal on your account anniversaries.
  • A partial collection takes place in cases where the regular payment amount cannot be collected, provided that it is not lower than the minimum amount of regular payment. Payments made in the form of partial collection are also considered “regular payments.”
  • It continues to charge interest at the new favorable interest rate set at the beginning of the following one-year period. DenizBank guarantees that the interest rates for the following years will be 0.50% above the average of the highest interest rates announced by the four major private banks for 365-day deposits.
  • If dowry accounts do not receive any payment for four consecutive months, these accounts will lose its accumulating feature. Therefore, your balance in the accumulating deposit accounts will be transferred to your checking account, and the accumulating account will be closed down.

Special Offers

If you want to invest in your future with the privilege DenizBank offers you and find out what a dowry account is, you can come to the nearest DenizBank branch and get detailed information. Upon getting information on special offers and payment facilities, you can instantly open a dowry account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for the state subsidy?

In order to benefit from the state subsidy, you must fully meet the dowry account requirements. DenizBank customers who make savings in the dowry account in accordance with the rules for at least three years and marry for the first time before the age of 27 can benefit from the state subsidy. In addition, you must meet the following conditions for your current account to continue as a Dowry Account.

  • You should not skip more than three monthly payments, or more than one quarterly payment per year.
  • You should not withdraw money more than twice a year.
  • After a withdrawal, the remaining balance should not be less than the sum of the minimum amounts to be deposited from the date of opening the account.

How is the state subsidy calculated?

The state subsidy calculation is based on the principal accumulation on the date of your marriage. The interests accrued to your account will not be included in the state subsidy calculation. The state subsidy will not exceed 25% of the amount of savings on the date of your marriage or 9,000.00 TL. The state subsidy varies depending on the accumulation period and the accumulation amount.

How can I make transactions?

If you want to open a Dowry Account, you can do so by visiting the nearest DenizBank branch.