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Housing Account

It is very easy to become a homeowner in DenizBank's world full of advantages!

General Information

If you meet the necessary conditions when paying in the periods you set in the long term, you can increase your investment at the rate of your savings by receiving a State Subsidy. Benefit from a state subsidy of up to 25% of your savings by opening a housing account and become a homeowner easily!


  • You must have TL account to open a housing account. You can also place a savings order from your checking account or credit card.
  • Housing accounts opened with a 3-year term are automatically renewed at the end of each term, unless you have ordered otherwise.
  • You can set your housing account payments monthly or quarterly if you want.
  • You can deposit between 388.17 TL and 3,881.60 TL per month to your DenizBank housing account. For quarterly payments, you can deposit between 1,164.51 TL and 11,644.80 TL.
  • When opening your account, you can deposit an amount above the upper limit to your account, provided that it is a one-time payment.
  • The annual interest amount of the housing account is added to the principal at the end of the year.
  • If you do not pay regularly in accordance with the established conditions, the housing account will be closed and the accumulated amount will be transferred to the checking accounts.

State Subsidy

  • Those who make regular payments to the housing account for at least 36 months are eligible for a state subsidy.
  • Those with a payment period of 36-47 months receive 15% of their savings as a state subsidy. This amount cannot be more than 16,313.21 TL.
  • Those with a payment period of 48-59 months are eligible to receive 18% of their savings as a state subsidy, provided that it is not more than 17,568.08 TL.
  • Those with a payment period of 60 months and above receive 25% of their savings as a state subsidy. The maximum amount for savings of more than 60 months is 24,746.00 TL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a housing account?

DenizBank housing account is one of the products that supports you to make savings and increase your savings in the long term and enables you to receive a state subsidy if you meet the specified conditions.

Who can benefit from the housing account?

Citizens of the Republic of Turkey over the age of 18 can open a housing account. At the same time, it is required that you are not the title owner of a condominium or another detached residence before 07.04 2015.

Can I open a joint housing account?

You can only open an individual housing account.

How often should I make my payments?

You can make monthly or quarterly payments for your housing account between the specified lower and upper limits. You also need to pay regularly for 36 months.

What happens if I skip payments?

Within the specified period, monthly payments should not be skipped more than three times, while quarterly payments should not be skipped more than once. If you fail to make regular payments, you will both be unable to benefit from the state subsidy and have your account closed.

Can I withdraw cash from my housing account?

You can withdraw money from your housing account up to twice in the same period.

When can I receive a state subsidy for my housing account?

If you pay regularly in accordance with the conditions set for 36 months, you can receive a state subsidy. If you apply to DenizBank branches with your housing deed, your request will be forwarded to the ministry. If your request is deemed appropriate, the calculated state subsidy will be deposited to your housing account.

Can I get a state subsidy for more than one residence?

No. The state subsidy applies only to a single residence. If you have more than one housing account, these accounts will not be merged.

Which types of housing can I receive a state subsidy for?

You can receive a state subsidy for condominiums, detached properties, and residences with a construction servitude.

Can I close my housing account?

You can close your housing account at any time. However, after deducting the interest from the principal on accounts closed before 36 months, the remaining amount is transferred to your checking account. If you close your account after paying for more than 36 months, your savings will be transferred to your checking account along with the interest.

Where can I open my housing account?

You can open your housing account by visiting all DenizBank branches.