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Services Provided by our Customer Representatives

Expert customer representatives who have been trained in terms of Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking ensure that you have the best experience at each call.

Transactions you may realize through our customer representatives:

Transaction List

Account Management

  • Account Information
  • Opening/Closing Demand Deposit Account
  • Cheques-Promissory Notes Follow up
  • Credit Account Follow up
  • E-Receipt
  • Demand Deposit Account Statement Mail/Fax Sending
  • Ready Account Information

Money Transfers

  • Transfer
  • Wire
  • EFT
  • Giving Forward Transaction Order
  • Registered Transaction Follow up
  • Payment of Another Bank Credit Card Debt

Card Transactions

  • Credit Card Debt Information Follow up
  • Credit Card Account Statement Mail/Fax Sending
  • Credit Card Payment
  • Cash Advance Withdrawal
  • Payment of Other Person’s Card
  • Bonus for Your Promise Campaign Application/Follow up/Cancellation
  • E-mail Only Campaign Application
  • Creating/Cancelling Visual Card
  • Cash Card Debt Information Follow up
  • SME Card Debt Information Follow up
  • Producer Card Debt Information Follow up
  • Card Outcome
  • Increasing/Decreasing Credit Card Limit
  • Changing Account Cut Date
  • Changing Password
  • SME Card Lending Credit with Installments
  • Notification of Lost/Stolen Card and Doubtful Transactions
  • Credit Card Application and Application Tracking
  • Cash Advance with Installments and Cash Advance Utilization
  • Prepaid Card Transactions
  • Creating a Password

Bills and Payments

  • Giving Automatic Payment Order / Follow up
  • Avea Bill Payment
  • Avea TL Top up
  • Vodafone Bill Payment
  • Turkcell Bill Payment
  • Turkcell TL Top Up
  • Türk Telekom
  • Türksat Cable TV
  • TTNet
  • SmileADSL
  • Koçnet
  • Digiturk
  • Millenicom
  • İski
  • Izsu
  • Aski
  • Bedaş
  • Tedaş
  • İgdaş
  • Ayedaş
  • Aydem
  • EGO
  • OGS Top up
  • KGS Top up
  • Donations
  • Social Security Institution
  • Bağkur Social Security Premium Payment

Games of Chance


Taxes and Fines

  • Motor Vehicle Tax
  • Traffic Fine
  • Tax Payment
  • Customs Tax

Investment Transactions

  • FX Buy/Sell
  • FX rate follow up
  • Fund Trading
  • Fund Price Follow up
  • Eurobond – FX Bond/Bonus Buy/Sell
  • Repo
  • Opening/Closing Time Deposit Account
  • Treasury Tender Offer Entry/Monitoring


  • Instant/Daily Portfolio Follow up
  • Stocks buy/sell
  • Transaction movements


  • Retail Credit Application and Application Tracking
  • Sending Present Retail Credit Repayment Plan
  • Retail Credit Installment Payment

Açıkdeniz Transactions

  • Internet Banking Support
  • Fastpay Transactions

Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking Transaction Fees and Limits

You may contact us at 0850 222 0 800 to carry out transactions rapidly and easily with advantageous fees special for Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking!

Transaction Fees Explanation
EFT: TL 15 Excluding BITT
Transfer to Account: TL 10 Including BITT
Transfer to Name: TL 15 Including BITT
Swift: TL 35 Excluding BITT
Cash Advance Fee: 4% + TL 2 (TL 8 at minimum) Excluding BITT
Cash Advance with Installments Withdrawal Fee: 4.4% + TL  3 (TL 8 at minimum) Excluding BITT

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