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Your bank is in your pocket!

With MobilDeniz, you can access to DenizBank products and services from your smart phones and realize your banking transactions in a fast and easy way, at any time and place.

You can use MobilDeniz from your iPhones, Android Phones.

After you install the application, you can start to use it with your Internet Banking username and e-password. If you select “Remember me”, you can also log in without entering your username.

With your Dot lock password (ÇizGir), you can log in to MobilDeniz in a more fast and easy way without entering your username and e-password. If you activate Fast Track Login (TekŞifre) and obtain SMS verification password for once, the SMS verification will be realized by us and you will be able to enter MobilDeniz faster.

With Dot Lock Password (ÇizGir) and Fast Track Login (TekŞifre), you can log in to MobilDeniz in 5 seconds, and realize your Banking transactions without using username and e-password and SMS verification.

What is Dot Lock Password? It is a password with that allows you to log in to MobilDeniz without using username and e-password, thanks to its pattern of point technology.

What is Fast Track Login? It is the verification system of MobilDeniz that allows you to log in to MobilDeniz by recognizing your device, instead of SMS verification, after you draw your dot lock.

  • Create Virtual Cards
  • Determine and reset your transaction limit
  • Send cancellation for Virtual Card

Corporate Customers can;

  • Check their accounts and see detailed account information.
  • Transfer money from Money Transfers menu.
  • Make approval transactions from the Corporate Approval screen.
  • After you log into MobilDeniz, when you call the Contact Center, you can talk with our customer representatives in a few seconds, without waiting on the line.

Without logging with your username/password or Dot Lock Password, you can

  • View the market data,
  • Access stock prices,
  • Monitor current FX rates,
  • View IBAN,
  • See the prices and rates of DenizBank products and services,
  • Calculate credits and deposits,
  • List DenizBank ATMs and branches closest to you with directions on how to get there,
  • Customize the menu as per your priorities,
  • Follow up current campaigns and special offers of DenizBank.
  • Call Contact Center fast,

By logging in with your username/password or Dot Lock Password, you can

  • View your assets on the main menu,
  • Realize EFT and Transfer transactions with low fees,
  • Open/close demand deposit/time deposit accounts,
  • View note and check transactions
  • Pay for your bills and make other payments,
  • Make auto payment orders,
  • Buy/sell FX, Mutual Fund and Stock,
  • Make Repo, T.Bill and T.Bond investments,
  • Realize credit and credit card transactions, apply for a credit or credit card,
  • Create virtual cards and make all transactions
  • Get instant support from Contact Center and Online Chat,

Install MobilDeniz with QR code


Please hold your mobile phone to the barcode to install MobilDeniz application.

To install the application to your mobile phone via QR Code, you must have QR Code Reader installed in your mobile phone.

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