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How do I start using Internet Banking?

It is very simple… All you need is your debit card or credit card and your card pin number to access all transactions. Please click here to create user.

After you complete your transaction to create Internet Banking user and your password is sent to your mobile phone registered on the system, you can log on to DenizBank Internet Banking using one of the three methods, namely your Username, Card Information or your Republic of Turkey ID Number and carry out your banking transactions.

What are the transactions that I can carry out?

You can realize many transactions via Internet Banking from cash transfer to utility bill payments, enquiring account balance to investment transactions.

You can also directly log in e-Government Portal without any password, including sole proprietorships.

If you forget your username, you can use your Republic of Turkey ID Number as username.

Please do not reply to e-mails asking for your personal and financial (such as your account, customer or credit card number) information by using DenizBank’s name and logo.

  • Customers who use Internet Explorer and Netscape should check the LOCK symbol on the bottom right corners of home page of Internet Banking where Username/ Password/ Pin is asked and transaction pages. When the LOCK symbol is double clicked, there should be expressions stating that the page is encrypted with SSL and the website belongs to DenizBank.
  • Please do not carry out your internet banking transactions from public places (such as internet cafés, etc.) whose security you are not sure of or from computers belonging to others. Shared computers pose the risk of holding spyware used to acquire your account information and personal passwords.
  • DenizBank Internet Banking provides an additional security step, which is “SMS Verification”. Based on the “SMS Verification Use Settings” you will select, this step ensures you realize your transaction by using the Security Code sent to your mobile phone each time you log on to Internet Banking, in all cash transfers, in cash transfers above a particular amount you will set and/or transactions you will carry out in stated time slots.
  • Certain software that came out recently can log each button pressed on the computer keyboard. In order not to be negatively affected by such software in places where shared computers are used (such as internet café, office, etc.), it is recommended to use “virtual keyboard” when logging onto DenizBank Internet Banking. This will make sure that you enter the numbers section in Internet Banking username and password by clicking the buttons on the keyboard with the mouse.
  • Please do not share Internet Banking personal information such as username and password with third persons. Please do not keep such information in writing.
  • Please remember to change your password periodically.
  • Please always use the “Log out” button when you are done using Internet Banking and close the window after you make sure that you have logged out from Internet Banking.
  • DenizBank employees will never ask you to tell your password. If you encounter such request, please call 08502220800 Telephone Banking to report the situation.
  • If you are suspicious of extraordinary movement in your account, please contact DenizBank by calling 08502220800 Telephone Banking or contacting Customer Satisfaction. In order to check any log in cases you are suspicious of, you can use the “Last 5 log ins” icon, which is on top right section of Internet Banking. With this link, you can check the last time any log in was made to Internet Banking as well as the IP used for such log in.

You can immediately create your Internet Banking password

With Internet Banking “Create User” and “Forgot My Password” screens, you can carry out your transactions quickly and easily by using your DenizBank debit card, credit card or Republic of Turkey ID number information.

If you do not have a DenizBank card, you can log in with your Republic of Turkey ID number using the step, “I do not have a card” and get a new password.

Transactions you can carry out from “Create User and Forgot My Password” screens:

  • Create Internet Banking user,
  • Have password re-sent to your mobile phone if you do not remember your internet banking log in password,
  • Lift any blockage in the event that your internet banking user information is blocked.

Transactions you can carry out

Account Management
  • My Assets
  • Account Information
  • Demand Deposit Account Transactions
  • Time Deposit Account Transactions
  • Rescue Overdraft Account with Instalments
  • Instant Cash Account
  • Cheque / Bill of Exchange Transactions
  • IBAN Transactions
  • Account Statements
  • Findeks Risk Report
  • Agreements
  • EFT
  • Cash Transfer
  • Cash Transfer with GSM Number-> Link can be provided
  • Transfer Among My Own Accounts (Wire)
  • FX Transfer (Swift)
  • fastPay
  • Regular Payment Transactions (Regular Orders)
  • Saved Transactions
  • Debt Transfer
  • Moneygram
Card Transactions
  • Credit Card Transactions (Credit Card Information)
  • Credit Card Application
  • Debt Repayment
  • Cash Advance
  • Bonus Point Transactions (Bonus for Your Promise)
  • Virtual Card Transactions (Virtual Card)
  • Instalment Plans
  • Campaigns with Pre-Agreement
  • Debit Card Transactions
  • Pre-paid Card
  • SME Card Transactions
  • Producer Card Transactions
  • Limit Transactions
  • Transaction Restrictions
  • My Card Debt is Safe
Investment Transactions
  • Stocks
  • Derivatives Exchange
  • Gold
  • FX
  • Time Deposit
  • Mutual Funds
  • Bills/Bonds
  • Eurobond
  • Silver
  • Repo
  • Treasury Tender
  • Custody Portfolio
  • Leveraged FX
  • Saver Account
  • Eligibility Test
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Repayment Table
  • Credit Repayment
  • Credit Application
Insurance and Pension
  • Agreement / Policy Information
  • Saving Information
  • Account Movements
  • Payment
  • Agreement / Policy Text
  • Forms
  • Changes
  • Private Pension Application
Utility Bills and Payments
  • Games of Chance
  • Mobile Phone
  • Landline telephone
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • TV/Cable TV/Internet
  • Tax / Traffic Tickets
  • SSK (Social Security Institution) / Bağkur (Social Security Organization for Artisans and the Self-Employed)
  • OGS
  • HGS
  • Saved Transactions
  • Consumer Finance
  • VPOS Transactions
  • POS Transactions
  • Merchant Account Statement
  • POS Application
Foreign Trade
  • Export Transactions
  • Customs Declaration
  • Import Transactions
  • Letter of Credit
  • Foreign Currency Payments
  • View Message
Cash Management
  • Approval Transactions
  • Bulk Payment
  • DDS
  • Cash Card
  • Supplier Finance
  • Salary Payments
  • FX Bulk Payments
  • Agreements
  • Current Transactions
  • Proposals
  • My Payments
  • Card Application
  • Calculate & Apply
  • Credit Application
  • Advantage Bundles
  • Findeks Risk Report
  • Captain Account
  • Rescue Overdraft Account
  • Instant Cash Account
  • Private Pension Application
  • POS Application
  • My Card Debt is Safe
  • Track Your Application
  • Commercial Overdraft Account Application
Security Management
  • Password / Pin Transactions
  • Preferred Communication Settings
  • Security Restrictions
  • Şifretek (Device)
  • SMS Verification
  • Mobile Signature
  • SMS Banking
  • Information Update
  • Internet Banking User Settings
  • My Agenda
  • All Transactions
  • Complete Order Deficiencies
  • Internet Banking My Safe
Contact Us
  • I have a Question
  • Track Your Notifications
  • Branch and ATM
  • Web Information

Users who would like extra security may select SMS Verification option and use Internet Banking based on their preferences indicated below.

Based on the preference, Security Code is sent as SMS to the customer’s mobile phone registered in our system.

The security code is a one-time-password and it must be entered on the screen within 180 seconds and SMS verification is realized.


  • You do not need a separate device to use SMS Verification. All you need is your mobile phone to use the application.
  • The application is independent of your user information. Since the Security Code will be sent to your own mobile phone, the transactions you set cannot be realized by someone other than you.

Changing Usage Settings

You can change your SMS Verification Usage Settings through SMS Verification / Usage Settings step under “Security and Settings” menu or by calling 08502220800. If you wish to change it through Internet Banking, the Security Code will be sent to your mobile phone and you will be asked to make SMS Verification.

In the event the Security Code is Entered Erroneously

In the event that the Security Code is entered erroneously three times, the user will be blocked. The blockage duration is 1 hour. You may dial 5 after calling 08502220800 to access Internet Banking.

Invalid Security Code

The Security Code that will be sent to your mobile phone number is valid for 3 minutes. The Security Code will be invalid after such period.

Updating Mobile Phone Information

You can update your mobile phone number at your Branch.

* Currently there is no fee charged for SMS messages sent for Security Code.

In order for its customers to carry out their transactions securely through Internet Banking, DenizBank serves with ŞifreTek device, which generates a new and one time password every time.

When logging in to Internet Banking, you have two-phase security with ŞifreTek in addition to username and password.

What are the advantages of ŞifreTek?

  • Generates a new “One-Time-Password” special for you each time.
  • When the generated password is used once, neither you nor someone else can re-use such password.
  • You can safely log in to Internet Bank whenever you want (office, home, internet café, mobile phone).
  • You can carry with you at all times (provides mobility).

How can I have ŞifreTek delivered?

After applying for ŞifreTek, it will be sent to your address via courier within 7 days and the delivery will be made to you along with ID control.

What should I do to start using ŞifreTek?

In order to use the ŞifreTek delivered to your address, you need to activate the device through “Internet Banking – Security Management” menu. After your ŞifreTek is activated, you can log in to Internet Banking by generating One Time Password.

How do I generate password with ŞifreTek device?

You can generate password by clicking the button on the device. 6-digit “One-Time-Password” will appear on the screen. Your password is ready for use. ‘ŞifreTek' or ‘ŞifreTek Mobil'

How can I apply?

Retail banking customers can issue a request via Internet Banking or Telephone Banking. Legal Person customers and joint account owners can make application through our branches only.

Are ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobil applications paid services?

No, ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobil are free of charge.

What are ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobil Use Options?

In addition to your Internet Banking log in transactions, you can also use your ŞifreTek or ŞifreTek Mobil for transfer transactions if you like. You need to define such request through “Security Management – ŞifreTek – Usage Settings” menu.

Can I both use ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobile?

You cannot use ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobile together for your same account.

What is Mobile Signature?

  • Mobile signature is a service allowing you to easily receive and use your ID card (qualified electronic certificate) which you can use on electronic environments.
  • In other words, Mobile Signature is a service allowing the Electronic Signature, described in Electronic Signature Law numbered 5070 and equivalent to Wet Signature, to be fixed by using GSM SIM cards.

With Internet Banking My Safe, Your Valuable Files are Secure!

Internet Banking My Safe, where you can securely upload your digital pictures, valuable documents or important files at storage spaces specially allocated for you, is at your service!

With Internet Banking My Safe;

  • You do not lose your files when your computer breaks down or is lost.
  • You can sort your files into folders according to type.
  • You can list your current files according to type, name or date.
  • You can access the files you uploaded from home, office or anywhere you connect to internet.
  • Internet Banking My Safe application is FREE to all Internet Banking users!

Detailed Information:

With Internet Banking My Safe application, you can keep your documents in 5 different folders:

  • My General Safe
  • My Document Safe
  • My Financial Safe
  • My Picture Safe
  • My Private Safe

After you select the folder name, you can upload any of the following file formats to Internet Banking My Safe.

Total safe capacity is 1 GB. Size of file that can be uploaded at once cannot exceed 4 MB. The file extensions which you can upload are: JPG,XLS,DOC,PDF,XLSX,DOCX,PPT,PPTX,PNG,TIF

You can view information such as the last 5 files you uploaded and safe used up space by clicking Internet Banking My Safe menu under top right menu on Internet Banking. You can add new files and view your existing files with “Add new” and “View” buttons.

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