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Fast and secure solution for all your banking needs!

AçıkDeniz Internet Branch

DenizBank's Internet Branch has been in service since April 1999 for quick and easy banking.

Since its foundation, the Internet Branch has been working to facilitate your life, keeping track of technological developments and trying to turn technology into an avenue of "solutions" for customers. 

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The AçıkDeniz Internet Branch began serving individual and corporate customers at the same time.

It delivers all retail and corporate Baking transactions quickly, safely and easily.

Extra Security!

Besides using security standards adopted over the whole world, the AçıkDeniz Internet Branch also utilizes extra security modules. Data security has been reinforced by 128-bit encryption, your customer number, e-code and password.

Our customers also have the choice to use the Smart Card technology, a frequently used security module at the AçıkDeniz Internet Branch.


One distinction of the AçıkDeniz Internet Branch is "convenience". Customers, who forget their passwords, can create new ones without having to apply to Branches at denizbank.com by using their debit (ATM) card numbers and passwords.

Customer Support!

Our customers can call the 0850 222 0 800 Contact Center 24 hours, dial 5 and receive assistance from specialists for Internet banking.

They can also send questions and comments to Customer Satisfaction

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