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DenizBank presents 'ŞifreTek', a device that generates unique and single-use codes to provide higher security for the transactions made by all customers of AçıkDeniz Internet Branch.

In addition to the user's name, e-password and AçıkDeniz code you need to gain access to AçıkDeniz Internet Branch, 'ŞifreTek' provides a two-stage security level for money order and other transactions you would make through AçıkDeniz.

Furthermore, 'ŞifreTek Mobile', an application which can be installed to smart cell phones to generate single-use codes, is now available for iPhone in AppStore.

What are the advantages of ŞifreTek ?

  • They are dynamic, it means ŞifreTek can generate unique, new and single-use codes.
  • Neither you nor a different ŞifreTek user can reuse any of the codes generated by the system.
  • The codes that generated on the screen show only 10 seconds and will be valid for 1 min
  • You can login to AçıkDeniz Internet Banking wherewer you want (Office, Home, Etc.)
  • They are easy to carry.

How ŞifreTek device delivered to customer ?

ŞifreTek will be sent to you by courier service within 7 business days after receiving your application, and be delivered by said service only to you after checking your identity.

What should I do to activate ŞifreTek device ?

After taking delivery of ŞifreTek, you need to activate the device through the AçıkDeniz Internet Branch. This process can be completed from “AçıkDeniz Internet Bankıng-Security” or 444 0 800 AçıkDeniz Telephone Banking. After complete the process, you can start to use your ŞifreTek device.

How can I generate codes with ŞifreTek?

Push the grey button on the device, a six-digit single-use code will appear on the display for 10 seconds. You can use the code now.

ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobile paid or free ?

ŞifreTek device and ŞifreTek mobile application are free so you do not pay any fee.

How to apply for ŞifreTek or ŞifreTek Mobile ?

If you are a retail customer holding an ATM or credit card issued by DenizBank, you can apply for ŞifreTek or ŞifreTek Mobile through our Internet Branch, Contact Center or any branch. If you are customer not holding any of said cards, a corporate customer or a joint account holder, you can apply only through our branches.

Can both ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobile be used at the same time?

ŞifreTek and ŞifreTek Mobile cannot be used together for the same account.

What is the advantages of ŞifreTek Mobile

  • You can enter to AçıkDeniz Internet Banking by generate unique, new and single-use codes.
  • Neither you nor a different ŞifreTek user can reuse any of the codes generated by the system.
  • ŞifreTek Mobile application is free.
  • By one click you can call AçıkDeniz Telephone Banking or go to AçıkDeniz Internet Banking.

Which devices are suitable for ŞifreTek Mobile:

  • iPhone – Please click to download app to your iPhone

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