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SMS Verification

Yet another innovation from DenizBank!

Users who would like to have extra security can choose the SMS Verification option and use the services of the Internet Branch with either one of the options explained below. In accordance with the selected option, the Security Code is sent to the mobile phone number of the customer (recorded in our system) as SMS.  

The Security Code is entered by the user for SMS verification.

About the Security Code;

  • The Security Code can only be used once,
  • It is case sensitive, 
  • It has to be entered in 3 minutes.
SMS Verification Table
Option Explanation
SMS verification only when the user logs in to @çikDeniz You are asked to enter your Security Code in addition to your user name, e-code and @çikDeniz password as you log in to @çikDeniz.
SMS verification only when the user makes a money transfer.
(EFT, Transfers, Transfer By Name of the Payee, Paying Another Bank's Credit Card and Swift)
For transfers to be conducted through @çikDeniz, the Security Code is sent to the mobile phone of the customer as SMS. The Security Code is entered to the system on the approval page of the transfer transaction.
SMS verification only for money transfers that exceed designated amounts For transfers exceeding the amount set by the user, SMS verification takes place in the same way as described in the previous option.
SMS verification at designated time intervals SMS verification takes place at designated time intervals.

To Change User Settings:

You can change your SMS Verification User Settings by choosing the "User Settings" option under the "Security Management" menu or by calling 444 0 800. If you want to change user settings through Açikdeniz, you will be asked to do SMS Verification by the security code sent to your mobile phone.

When the Security Code is Entered Incorrectly:

If the Security Code is entered incorrectly 3 times, the user will be locked out for 1 hour. For help, you can call 444 0 800 and press 5 (Internet Banking).

Invalid Security Code:

The Security Code which will be sent to your mobile phone is valid for 3 minutes. At the end of 3 minutes, it will be invalid.

Updating Mobile Phone Information:

You can update your mobile phone number recorded in our system by using the "Personal Transactions" menu, by calling 444 0 800 or from our branches.

*** For the time being, no fee is charged for SMS messages sent for the Security Code.

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