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Enter the codes indicated below as a "new message" on your mobile phone, send it to our short number 3280 and the information you requested will be sent to you as SMS!

General Codes to Receive Information Information
DOVIZ AçıkDeniz-Internet Branch Currency Rate
FON DenizBank Investment Funds Prices
REPO DenizBank repo rates
(For Currency Rates please type KREDI USD or KREDI EUR leaving a space between KREDI and the Currency Type) DenizBank 12-month TL Personal loan rate
(For Currency Interest Rates please type FAIZ USD, FAIZ EUR, FAIZ CHF or FAIZ GBP leaving a space between FAIZ and Currency Type) DenizBank TL Bank deposit interest rates
HISSE BIST 100 point, intraday change rate and transaction volume
HISSE StockCode
Please leave a space between Stock and its code (Example: STOCK ZOREN) Stocks buy/sell price, intraday percent change and transaction volume
SUBE BranchName
(Please leave a space.) (Example: SUBE BAKIRKOY) Branch Address and Telephone Number
ATM AtmName
(leave space in between) (Example: ATM BAKIRKOY) ATM address

Personal Info Codes

Below examples assume that the customer with the customer number 1234567 has the accounts of 9142-1234567-351 ve 9142-1234567-352 and has a credit card number 5200********9090.

Account numbers first 4 digits reprerents the branch Code and the last 3 digits represents the Account (Example: Time Deposit, USD, USD Time Deposit Type.)

Personal Info Codes
BAKIYE CustomerNumber
(Leave a space in between.) (Example: BAKIYE 1234567) (Example: BAKIYE 1234567 USD) Balances of all your accounts in the currency selected. (If a currency type is not selected or have accounts less than 6, all of your accounts will be sent. Other wiseonly TL account balances will be sent)
FON MüşteriNo
(Arada bir boşluk bırakılmalıdır) (Örnek: FON 1234567) Fon portföyünüz
REPO MüşteriNo
(Arada bir boşluk bırakılmalıdır) (Örnek: REPO 1234567) Repo portföyünüz
BONO MüşteriNo
(Arada bir boşluk bırakılmalıdır) (Örnek: BONO 1234567) Devlet Tahvili/Hazine Bonosu portföyünüz
EKSTRE KrediKartıSon4Rakam
(Arada bir boşluk bırakılmalıdır) (Örnek: EKSTRE 9090) Kredi kartı ekstrenizin toplam borç tutarı, son ödeme tarihi ve gelecek ekstre kesim tarihi
GUNCEL KrediKartıSon4Rakam
(Arada bir boşluk bırakılmalıdır) (Örnek: GUNCEL 9090) Son kredi kartı ekstrenizden devreden borç, güncel borç, kalan kredi kartı limitiniz

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