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With the "Farmer Card" specially designed for our farmers, you may receive your Turkish Grain Board (TMO) payments 20 days in advance with the privilege of DenizBank.

If you wish, you may receive the cost of your product without waiting with the TMO Advance Credit.

With the Farmer Card that we designed specially for our producers, you may;

  • Do shopping at all merchants that accept Electron or Maestro Card without the need to carry cash on you,
  • Withdraw cash or make balance query at DenizBank ATMs and at ATMs of other banks in the country,
  • Withdraw money from any ATMs abroad with an Electron or Maestro logo; carry out all kinds of retail banking transactions at DenizBank ATMs 24/7.

With DenizBank Farmer Card, all banking transactions are as close as your wallet...

With your Farmer Card;

  • You may deliver your product to Turkish Grain Board (TMO) or receive the cost of your product easily and benefit from DenizBank privileges,
  • You may access your overdraft account with "Harvest Maturities",
  • You may give direct payment order for your electricity, telephone, water, mobile phone and natural gas bills with your overdraft account that will be defined to your Farmer Card. You may select the payment date of your overdraft account according to your harvest maturities once a year.

We will be more than happy to see you, our producers, at DenizBank branches to introduce you with our other products that will facilitate your life and add to productivity.

TMO Advance Credit

Our producers who receive the TMO cost of product with DenizBank Farmer Card may, if they wish so, receive the product cost without waiting by using "TMO Advance Credit".

Upon documenting that they will receive the cost of products through DenizBank, our producers who deliver products to TMO may benefit from the "TMO Advance Credit" conditions.

Receive your TMO product payment from Deniz and enjoy the privileges...

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