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Life is beautiful for producers at Deniz with Producer Card!

Producer Card, a first in the World and Turkey, provides agricultural working capital loan in accordance with the agricultural needs and cash flows of producers. The credit limit defined to farmers is loaded onto the Producer Card and the farmers cover their need via this card.

The Producer Card carries many features differentiating it from a credit card. The most important of these is that the Producer Card has only one repayment a year. The term of this repayment is solely defined according to the product pattern i.e. the crop of the farmer.

You can use your agriculture loan in your Producer Card by withdrawing cash from DenizBank branches or ATM's or simply by shopping at contracted merchants with DenizBank where you can buy the goods and services you need for your agricultural activities without even having to come to our branches.

DenizBank signs agreements with the concerned institutions on behalf of the farmers who own a Producer Card and the farmers do their shopping from these work places using their Producer Card thus have the opportunity of making their repayments at the end of the pre-determined term.

What are the advantages of a Producer Card Holder?

  • The most important advantage of the Producer Card is that it requires only one repayment a year. You can define the term of this payment according to the pattern of the agricultural products you produce, i.e. your crop.
  • You can repay your loan when you choose, withdraw cash again when you are in need (7 days/24 hours) or use it while shopping.
  • You can enjoy maturity advantages that cash payment will not provide you with by shopping with your Producer Card in contracted merchants.

Who can obtain a Producer Card?

Our producers who carry out vegetative production, green-housing and animal breeding in their own lands or rented land and who hold a farmers certificate can obtain a Producer Card and enjoy the privileges the Producer Card provides.

Come to the nearest branch which provides DenizBank Agricultural Banking services and enjoy the advantages of the Producer Card!

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