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Cash and non-cash loans are at your disposal at our branches in order to meet your short term cash needs in purchasing goods, services and raw materials and to assist to your daily cash needs as paying checks, bills and price of goods/services, which may be utilized in TL, foreign currency and currency indexed to foreign currency.

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The loans that you may utilize in order to cash your future receivables as checks, bills etc. arising from your commercial operations and not due yet.

  • It supports your operational capital by collecting your long term receivables prematurely. 
  • Your future receivables are calculated on the days up to maturity; after deducting interest and other charges, the remainder will be paid to you.

The loans of very short term, definable as zero interest loans that you may utilize against blocked and cleared checks or in order to pay SSK premiums, taxes, electricity, utility etc. bills.

  • Facilitates payments at maturity
  • Provides cost advantage because it has zero interest.

Our loan facility with fixed maturity and interest that is wholly utilized at the beginning of maturity and reimbursed with interest when due.

  • You never get affected by fluctuations at interest
  • Your cash management will be facilitated because interest payable is fixed.

Our loan facility that your business dealing with export and other foreign currency earning operations will utilize in foreign currency, where your loan is monitored in foreign currency and that may be utilized as spot or rotating loan.

  • Reduces foreign currency rate risk for the business that purchases goods and services on foreign currency,
  • Brings price advantage when exchange rates are below interest in Turkish Lira.

Via DenizBank Business Card you can make your company expenses, you can give to your personnel within the limits that you determine and systematically pursue your company's expenses both in the country and abroad.

  • Provides a secure tool for your expenses and removes the risk of carrying checkbooks. 
  • Assistance can be provided by DenizBank communication center at 08502220800 round the clock. 
  • In the event the card is lost or stolen, emergent card renewal system is at your service. 
  • It has travel accident insurance 
  • It provides enhanced travel assist abroad in cases of luggage loss/delay, delayed transport, illness during travel, insurance for renewal of lost documents etc. during travel.

Our short term product for your operational capital needs, with no fixed interest, calculated on number of days utilized, with interest payable at the end of each quarter.

  • Interest rate is variable because it is determined according to the conditions of each quarter; it has no fixed interest rate.
  • You can use cash at any amount and at any time within your limits.
  • Depending on your flow, you have the option to reimburse the loan in whole or in part.

It is a loan facility that you utilize in TL indexed to the foreign currency that you elect without any export commitment.

  • It is utilized in TL indexed to foreign currency with the interest rate applied to foreign currency considering the valuation of foreign currencies.
  • You can utilize this loan without any commitment to earn foreign currency.
  • You can reimburse at equal installments up to maturity of 24 months.

These are the guarantee letters undertaking that a specific commitment shall be fulfilled according to the terms and conditions stated therein otherwise our bank shall pay the commitment of the contracting party, to be issued to government offices, organizations and other real and legal persons in such matters as tenders, purchase of goods, dealership, court proceedings, security deposit, rental, pilgrimage organizations etc.

  • You benefit from doing business without need of capital and with low cost.
  • Relevant business feels secured thanks to the bank guarantee letter.

Reference Letters

These are the Bank reference letters that are issued for the purpose of joining to the tenders to be announced by the Ministry of Public Works and the offices under this ministry or other government and private corporations. They can be issued in TL or foreign currency.

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