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"Turuncular" now help you to evaluate your or your business’s savings in the most efficient manner.

Deposit Account with Principal Protection

Thanks to the deposit account with principal protection, you can raise your income by investing in the stock exchange, without being affected by the falls in the index.

If the index at maturity is higher than the initial value, the difference will be your income; but when the situation is just the opposite, you will have protected your principal.

Current Deposit Account TL/Foreign Exchange Deposits

It is the essential and fundamental product in order to use any and all banking services. You can accomplish your automatic payments, payment orders, payments of checks, bills and loan cards through this account.

Time Deposit Account TL/Foreign Exchange Deposits

You can obtain a risk-free return without being affected by the long-term fluctuations at interest rate.

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Repurchase Agreement (Repo)

It is purchase and sale of a security with the commitment to repurchase or sale.
You will have the chance to evaluate your savings at maturity commencing from 1 day. 

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Investment Funds

By investment funds, you will have numerous choices in order to evaluate your savings because different investment instruments are combined. You will participate to investment funds pro rata the shares corresponding to your investments.

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Treasury Bills/Government Bonds

Treasury bill is a short term debenture issued by the Treasury of Turkish Republic with maturity shorter than one year whereas state bond is a debt instrument with longer maturity indexed to foreign currency.

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DenizBank, İnovasyonda Dünyanın 1 Numarası Seçildi.