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Contracting profit margins in the commercial life highlights the importance of operational costs and cash-flow planning in the financing management.

If you conduct too many EFT-Money Transfer transactions, you can do them automatically by transferring your payment details to our Bank via electronic environment through a secure system.

What is the Bulk Payment System?

Bulk Payment System is our cash management product which enables to do automatic Payment, with increased intensity on certain days, of Companies to their continuous good and service providers via file transfer protocol.

The target of the system is to ensure electronic payment of more than one EFT – Money Transfer Payment of which number increases on certain periods (monthly, weekly). Payment details are transferred to our Bank in a swift and secure way through the Internet Branches, FTP or e-mail.

Characteristics of the Bulk Payment System

  • In the Bulk Payment System, companies can transfer their payment details to our Bank by opening a new folder in their own accounting system or in our tailor-made and free Bank’s program through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), e-mail or Açıkdeniz Internet Branch. Moreover, companies can do their bulk payment entries via Açıkdeniz Internet Branches.
  • Companies can easily prepare their bulk money transfers/EFTs for their clients and transfer them to the system of our Bank by using DenizBank Bulk Payment System. Thanks to this application, Payment of companies can be done in a swift and secure way.

Benefits of Bulk Payment System

  • You can prepare your Payment in a swift and secure way by the Bulk Payment System.
  • Your accounting records are kept automatically because payment status reports are transferred to your company in a secure environment by our bank, and operational work load of your company decreases.
  • Erroneous records are minimized.
  • Moreover, you can do your bulk payment transactions in a swift and secure way with different methods offered to you by Açıkdeniz Internet Branch.
    • You can transfer payment file that includes many records and has been created by your own accounting system or the Bulk Payment Program of our bank to the system of our bank.
    • You can record account information of people to whom you will make payment over the Internet bulk payment menus, group them as you like and create bulk payment entries for these people.
    • You can follow up whether Payment are made, and download the result file.
    • Thanks to our multi approval structure, when a user enters payment from your company, transactions can be realized after the approval of authorized users upon request. In this way, authorized employees of the company can control the Payment.
    • You can print written order details of entered bulk Payment on the Internet if you want. You will just sign the order provided by the Internet branch and send it to your branch.
    • You can repeat a previously done bulk payment by using the Repeat option. Previously entered receiver information (her/his bank, branch, account number) is listed automatically and you can complete your transactions in a swift and practical way by just changing the amount.

Installation of the Bulk Payment System

In order to install the Bulk Payment System, you should first install on your operating system

Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

  • Click the Download button on the screen.
  • You will see "Save" and "Cancel" options on the security window. Choose “Save” in order to save the file on your computer.
  • Double click dotnetfx.exe within your saved index and upload.

Click here to install DenizBank Cash Management System (Bulk Payment + Continuous Cheque).

  • The help document is zipped with WinZip and password protected. For user password, please send a password request e-mail to Cash Management (
  • For setup details please see the help document.

Files Required for DenizBank Cash Management System (Bulk Payment + Continuous Cheque)

To view PDF Files, Acrobat Reader must be installed in your computer.

You can easily pay your electricity, telephone, water and natural gas bills through our bank.

In case you give automatic payment order, your bills will be paid at maturity even if there is no sufficient fund at your account on the date of payment thanks to your limit at “Rescue Account” that you can use for payment of bills, which will be defined by your request.

Please click here for contracted institutions and payment channels.

You can make your Social Security Institution and Bağ-Kur premium payments via our Açıkdeniz Internet Branch and Branches.

Besides; salary payments of Social Security Institution, Bağ-Kur and Public Pension Fund and payments for Social Security Institution contracted health institutions are realized by our Bank.

Social Security Institution Transactions

Social Security Institution Premium Payments:

  • Social Security Institution (including Bağ-kur) premiums can be deposited to our branch pay desks upon presenting accrual vouchers or declaring the required information.
  • Once the payment is concluded, transaction receipt and Social Security Institution receipt is delivered to customers.
  • Transaction receipt is delivered to companies after payment transactions are concluded via Açıkdeniz Internet Branch or Call Center.

Social Security Institution Health Premiums;

  • Real and legal persons who want to withdraw Social Security Institution health premiums via our Bank can benefit from this payment service after making a related application about the request to the Social Security Institution and start receiving health premiums via whichever branch they prefer.

Social Security Institution Salary Payments;

  • Pensioners affiliated to Social Security Institution, BAĞ-KUR and PUBLIC PENSION FUND can start receiving pension payments via whichever branch they prefer provided that they make an application to the institution they are contracted with. Besides, pensioners can withdraw their pension salary payments from all DenizBank ATMs.

Continuous Cheque software is a program developed for our bank’s cheques to be drawn automatically on computers in bulk in a short time.

Continuous Cheque Printing Program is a cash management service that replaces manual check writing, enables companies to draw cheques in computer environment in a very fast and coordinated way and to save concerned cheque data in computer environment, minimizes error probability by providing time saving in transactions and reducing operational work load and enables preparing payment plans in accordance with date of issue.

Continuous cheque printout software can be used at the PC’s with Windows installed. You can print your cheques by laser or Dotmatrix printers.

  • Operation time is shortened when compared with traditional cheque prints
  • Standard and uniform appearance of the cheques issued via cheque program contributes to your firm’s prestige
  • Errors on the cheques issued by traditional methods are minimized
  • Falsifications and corrections on cheques are minimized
  • Customers to whom payments are made in cheques are kept stored in the program. At each issue of cheques, already recorded customer information is used
  • Report can be received for the cheques already issued or to be issued later (as per maturity, debtor and cheque ref. no)

Click here to install DenizBank Cash Management System (Bulk Payment + Continuous Cheque).

  • The help document is zipped with WinZip and password protected. For user password, please send a password request e-mail to Cash Management (
  • For setup details please see the help document.

Files Required for DenizBank Cash Management System (Bulk Payment + Continuous Cheque)

You can pay your taxes and customs duties via AçıkDeniz İnternet Branch or at our branches.

You can pay your taxes and customs duties via our counters located in our large branch network or on the internet branch.

Tax Code Tax Title Concerned Group in Central Bank of Turkey
1 Annual Income Tax Income Tax-other 
2 Agricultural Income Tax  Income Tax-other
3 Income Tax Withholding (Withholding Tax) Income Tax Withholding (Withholding Tax)
7 Withholding for Retained Profit Other
10 Corporate Tax Corporate Tax
11 Corporate Withholding Tax  Corporate Tax
12 Income Tax (Real Property Income)  Income Tax-other
14 Commercial Profit in lump sum assessment Other
15 Value Added Tax VAT
21 Banking Transactions Tax  Other
22 Insurance Transactions Ta Other
23 5811 Foreign Other
32 Provisional Income Tax Advance Income Tax
33 Provisional Corporate Tax Advance Corporate Tax
40 Stamp Tax (on a Tax Return) Other
51 Other Charges  Other
60 Superseded Mining Fund Tax-exempt incomes and charges
61 Resource Utilization Support Fund Charges Tax-exempt incomes and charges 
74 Special Consumption Tax List 4 Special Consumption Tax
75 Special Consumption Tax List 3a Special Consumption Tax
76 Special Consumption Tax List 3b Special Consumption Tax
77 Special Consumption Tax List 3c Special Consumption Tax
1047 Stamp Tax  Other
4023 5811 Foreign Banks Other
4024 5811 Domestic  Other
4140 B4 Postponement Tax Other
4048 Tax for Games of Chance Other
4061 Fund Utilization Support Fund in Imports Tax-exempt incomes and charges
4063 Notary Fee  Other
4071 Electric and Natural Gas Consumption Tax  Other
4072 Special Consumption Tax List 2b Special Consumption Tax
4081 5035 S.K. Special Communications Tax Other
9014 Oversea Travel Fee Other
9015 VAT Withholding  Other
9031 Inheritance and Transfer Tax Other
9034 Motor Vehicle Tax  Other
9085 Traffic Fines  Tax-exempt incomes and charges
9065 Traffic Charges  Tax-exempt incomes and charges
1086 Motor Vehicle Tax Delay Penalty Tax-exempt incomes and charges
9102 Administrative Fine for Tolls  Tax-exempt incomes and charges
9050 Road Transport Administrative Fine Tax-exempt incomes and charges
9062 Land Registry Cadastre Charge Other
4030 Provisional clause 67 Withholding Other
4070 Provisional clause 70 of General Tax Law Other
9064 Passport and Consulate Charges  Other

You can pay your customs duties through our internet branch one by one or collectively via collective data transfer method.

You can realize your bulk customs transactions and payments through the application you use combined with the on-line service infrastructure provided by our bank.

  • Making bulk payments on-line instead of one by one saves time and workforce.
  • Collection receipts of customs duty payments are automatically sent to e-mail addresses designated by your company.
  • Thanks to making the transactions on-line through your own application, automatic accounting is created and operational efficiency is ensured.

DenizBank offers products and services that will meet all payment needs of your Company and contribute to your operational cost and time management.

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