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Import P/N discount

The bonds/promissory notes created by the buyer and avalised by importer’s bank are discounted through correspondent banks upon the buyer’s request and the amount is paid to the beneficiary/importer on a sight basis.


Murabaha is an islamic financing technique for the financing of the goods required by the buyer. Conventional banks cannot be a direct part of murabaha transactions, but take place as a guarantor.


It is a financing technique in which medium-to-long term loans are offered to importers through the Export Credit Agencies of Exporter countries in order to promote their exports.

Country credit agencies

Country Institutions
Germany HERMES (Euler Hermes Kreditversicherungs-AG )
America America Exim
America (GSM programı) CCC (Commodity Credit Corporation)
Austria OeKB (Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG)
Belgium ONDD (Ducroire/ Nationale Delcrederedienst)
China China Exim
İsrael Israel Exim
Switzerland SERV (Swiss Export Risk Insurance)
Switzerland ERG (Swiss Export Risk Insurance)
Italy SACE
Japan JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation)
Hungary Hungary Exim
Saudi Arabia SEP (Saudi Export Program)
Taiwan Taiwan Exim

GSM Loans

Exporters in Turkey secure loans for their agricultural product imports from the United States (“US”) through the GSM 102 program executed by Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) under the US Ministry of Agriculture. In GSM loans, the said institution insures the commercial and country risk and the loan is provided to the exporter by the bank that intermediates the transaction in the US.

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