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Cash management Loans:

You can take advantage of the Cash Management Loans to finance your social security, tax, utility payments and to pay your blocked cheques, cleared cheques, collection cheques.

Overdraft Loans:

Overdraft account is a type of account the balance of which can be both positive and negative, and to which a loan of a pre-defined credit limit is automatically utilized to the account in case it becomes negative.

  • Chequebook can be used in connection to overdraft account.
  • Cash withdrawal is possible via debit card from ATMs or through tellers in DenizBank branches.
  • Upon a prior written order, electricity, water, fixed telephone, mobile telephone, cable TV bill payments, rental payments, tuition fees, cooperative contribution payments, regular & irregular payments to foundations, associations etc. can be made automatically from overdraft account.
  • All kinds of transactions made on overdraft account are sent to customers in the form of an account statement prepared on a monthly basis and sent out via post and/or fax.

Daylight Loans:

This is a loan allocated to meet short-term financing needs of creditworthy companies that may occur within the day. Such loans must be repaid by the end of the day, or else they are automatically transformed into TL cash loans with interest.

Overnight Loans:

These are TL/FX loans granted on an overnight basis for daily needs of companies. Interest collection is made on a daily basis.

Spot Loans TL/FX:

These are TL/FX loans granted to meet short and medium-term financing needs taking into account developments in market conditions.

  • At the maturity date, loan is repaid along with interest with a lump sum payment.
  • Applicable interest rate and maturity are set according to the market conditions prevailing as of lending date and remain unchanged during the life of the loan. It thus ensures hedging against duration and interest risk and helps regulate cash flow of customer.
  • Spot TL/FX loans with early repayment option are type of spot loans that can be repaid partially of fully before maturity. At closing date, (repaid portion of) principal, interest and ancillaries are collected.
  • Spot FX Loans are FX loans granted to finance short-term cash needs of export companies and companies with earnings in FX. Applicable interest rate and maturity are set according to the market conditions prevailing as of lending date and remain unchanged during the life of the loan. Such loans cannot be repaid before maturity. If such a commitment is fulfilled, the loan is exempt from taxes, duties and charges.

Revolving Loans:

These are TL/FX loans without a certain maturity, with periodical (at quarterly term-ends) interest collection granted to meet short term working capital needs.

  • Interest rate is determined according to developments in money markets.
  • It is ideal for companies with short-term cash needs or purchasing goods with advance payment.
  • The fact that collaterals can be turned to cash or that it can be partially or fully repaid with cash payments enables companies to minimize their interest burden.

Installment Loans:

These are TL/FX loans utilized in a single sum, with repayments in the form of “equal” or flexible installments within the maturity on a total amount including principal, interest and taxes payables. Installment periods can be monthly or quarterly.

It provides;

  • Ease in repayment thanks to installments
  • Ease in repayment habit since installment amounts remain unchanged until maturity,
  • Ease of fixed interest rate during the life of loan and easier cash flow planning.

FX Indexed Loans:

These are loans that companies can use without any FX commitment, based on application of interest rate applicable to FX taking into account appreciation of foreign currencies against TL. Such loans are repaid at maturity including collection of principal, interest (including increases in FX rates), Resource Utilization Support Fund (RUSF) and Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax (BITT). It does not include any export commitments. Fixed or revolving interest rate can be applied to FX-indexed loans according to customer’s demand and prevailing conditions.

Discount and Redemption Loans:

Discount loan is a type of cash loan enabling to pay balance from value of a bill undue yet after deduction of interest, commissions corresponding to the time to maturity and inherent taxes payables such as RUSF and BITT. In other words, discount loan is the transaction of selling to the bank the discounted bill via endorsement (endorsement of assignment) and delivery. This loan provides ease and flexibility to meet cash needs of companies with high volumes of cheques and bills of exchange and with intensive cash turnover.

Margin Loans:

These are loans for which stocks are taken as additional collateral.

Warranties and Guarantees:

This is a limit for housing projects allocated to contraction companies on a project basis. This limit is established to cover performance (completion) risk of the contraction company as the contraction company becomes guarantor to the contract made with the buyers of housing units until the project is completed, and also the contraction company bears guarantee liability for risks arising from the Law on Protection of Consumers. Such loans of project based limits are closed upon effective completion of the housing project, establishment of mortgage in favor of our Bank regarding the housing loans, obtaining other documentation determined by Mortgage business line in the protocol made with the company and agreement of Retail Credits Department on risk closing.

Gold Loans:

Gold credit is lent to manufacturing companies who treat gold and earn workmanship fees over gold or companies who export gold besides manufacturing, as a source of financing. The credit is lent in gold bullions. Principal and interest payments must be made in gold too.

  • Spot Gold Credit
  • Gold Credit with Early Repayment Option
  • Gold Credit with Installments

Silver Loans:

All processes of this credit are the same as gold credit. It is lent to companies dealing in silver sector and it has a sub-limit of minimum 5000 ounce (175.000 USD) Minimum maturity in these installment loans that are lent as spot or installment loans are 12 months.

Pre-Financing Loans (Export Financing):

Companies borrows a loan from a purchaser located abroad or from an international market to finance his purchase of goods or services to be used for his exports, export-like sales or deliveries or other business activities earning foreign currency, and withdraws it through a bank or a private financial institution located in Turkey with or without guarantee, for a maximum terms of 18 months.

Project Loans:

These are long term loans lent to cover financing needs of investments made by companies in general. They can have grace periods. The repayment source of project loans are cash inflow from investments made, feasibilities thus cash flow must be analyzed.

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