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Debit Card

One card enough for everything...

You can use your DenizBank debit card both in ATM's and while shopping.

Make your payments with your DenizBank debit card without having to carry cash money with you; the amount you will pay will be automatically deducted from your account. Both within the country and abroad; everywhere in the world…

With your DenizBank debit card, 7 days and 24 hours you may;

  • Shop from all merchants accepting Electron and Maestro Card both within the country and abroad without needing to carry cash with you.
  • Withdraw cash and make balance query from DenizBank ATM's and other banks ATM*'s within the country
  • Withdraw money from any ATM* bearing an Electron or Maestro logo abroad,
  • Carry out all retail banking transactions from DenizBank ATM's
* Expense of %1+1 TL (maximum 5 TL) is deducted for transactions in ATM's other than of DenizBank. TL)

Using your DenizBank debit card you can start benefiting from DenizBank Internet Banking without going to a branch, without application or registration.

Transactions which can be carried out in DenizBank ATM's

  • Depositing money
  • Balance quarry
  • Cash advance
  • Fund trading
  • FX trading
  • Treasury bill trading
  • TEMA Foundation grant payment
  • Money withdrawal
  • Transfer transactions
  • Credit utilization from overdraft account
  • Load Turkcell minutes
  • Monitoring and following up repo

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DenizBank, İnovasyonda Dünyanın 1 Numarası Seçildi.