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Foundation of Hope for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV)

Every year about 2000 children get cancer in Turkey and a third of them are diagnosed with leukemia. In the 2000s, 80 % of cancer and leukemia patients can recover but many families cannot afford treatment costs. KAÇUV was founded by families whose children suffered from cancer. The aim of the foundation is to provide finances and emotional support for children who can be cured but whose families cannot afford the costs of treatment.

KAÇUV collected 200 billion TL in 2002, which was used in renovating Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Children's Clinic, Hematology-Oncology service and building a new play area. In the play area, children having tumors and leukemia learn to be aware of their conditions and accept their lives supervised by a psychological counselor. It facilitates children's treatment period by means of educational play activities and computer exercises.

The next projects of the foundation involve building a modern outpatient treatment unit, buying a blood irradiator and similar equipment. Those who would like to support the treatment of children with cancer through KAÇUV can play a part in restoring the health of yet another child.

Tel : 0212-275 43 70
Fax : 0212-273 10 78
Web Page : www.kanserlicocuklaraumut.org
E-Mail : info@kigep.org.tr

You can make donations at the Online Banking.

Personal Development Platform (Kigep)

Initiated by the BEYAZ NOKTA® GELİŞİM VAKFI, (White Point Development Foundation) Kişisel Gelişim Platformu (KiGeP-Personal Development Platform) is a social project. Its objective is very clear: Knowing one's self and potential better, setting the right goals and searching for ways to develop your knowledge and skills in accordance with these goals, ability to produce solutions for your problems on your own; finally, building a life in which you will feel financially and spiritually content!

KiGeP lights the way for people to widen the tight living space in which they are squeezed by artificial walls and teaches them to learn. The White Point Development Foundation offers interactive learning sessions, mentor support, visual and computer-supported sources of learning, various opportunities of communication and sharing, accompanied by a moderator at the KiGeP center.

You can help young people learn about the finer aspects of learning, knock down the artificial walls around them and draw their paths more consciously. Any donation, small or big, to the account below will make it possible for another young person to view life with hope.

Address : Simon Bolivar Cad. No:19/3 Çankaya/ANKARA
Tel : 0312 - 442 07 60
Web Page : www.kigep.org.trg
E-Mail : info@kigep.org.tr

You can make donations at the Online Banking.

Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, For Reforestation and Protection of Natural Habitats (Tema)

TEMA was established in 1992 by Hayrettin Karaca and Nihat Gökyiğit. As a renowned dendrologist, Hayrettin Karaca found the chance to visit all parts of Turkey in his quest to explore new species and natural habitats. Having observed rampant erosion, the destruction of plant species, drying fountains and scorched forests, Karaca decided that something had to be done to prevent the destruction of nature. He started making speeches all over Turkey addressing these problems, which earned him the nickname "Grandfather of Earth".

Together with his friend Nihat Gökyiğit, Hayrettin Karaca realized that it was not possible to alert the society by individual attempts and that it was necessary to act within an organization by plans and programs. This was how the TEMA foundation was established. The basic goal of the foundation is to increase social sensitivity about the threat of erosion menacing Turkey's future and to raise effective public response. TEMA's main areas of knowledge and activity are soil erosion, deforestation, productivity of agricultural lands and conservation of biodiversity.

TEMA designs and implements projects towards rural development such as prevention of erosion, reclamation of pastures/grazing lands and reforestation. It informs the public and raises awareness about the hazards threatening ecosystems, trying to work out solutions. Therefore, a considerable part of the foundation's budget is allocated to TEMA projects.

Address : Çayır Çimen Sk. Emlak Kredi Blokları A2 Daire:10 Levent/İstanbul
Address2 : PK213 Levent/İstanbul
Tel : 0212 - 283 78 16 (Pbx)
Fax : 0212 - 281 11 32
Web Page : www.tema.org.tr
E-Mail : tema@tema.org.tr

You can make donations at the Online Banking.

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