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It is an alternative distribution channel where you can access, by phone, many services and opportunities offered in DenizBank branches.

In all cities where our branches are located, you can simply dial 444 0 800. From other cities, you have to dial 0 212 444 0 800. You can also dial 444 0 800 from your mobile phone receiving Turkcell or Telsim cell phone services.

The Contact Center is available 24/7.

Individual customers can receive information about DenizBank/their accounts and conduct banking transactions. Corporate customers cannot conduct transactions but can only receive information about DenizBank and their accounts.

To be able to conduct investment transactions, transfers and bill payments, you have to enter the password of your credit/debit card number and password or customer number and Contact Center password. You can complete all other banking transactions without dialing but speaking with customer representatives.

You can get it from the “Security Management” menu of the Internet Branch or by calling 444 0 800 and pressing 4.

It is the Interactive Vocal Response system. By this system, when you call the Contact Center, you can receive service by pressing numbers without the help of the customer representative.

You need the balance, available limit, billing period and payment due date on the most recent statement of your credit card. To receive information about your demand/time deposit accounts, you need your credit card or debit card. To find out about the purchases made during the current statement period, total limit and available limit of your credit card and to make credit card payments, you need the password of your credit card/debit card, as well.

You can make credit card payments through the Interactive Vocal Response System 24 hours of the day.

Linke yönlendirme yapılacağı için çeviri yapılmayacak.

Corporate customers can receive information about accounts, checks and notes, credit cards, interest rates for investment products and their forward-dated payment instructions.

No fee is charged for transactions made through the Contact Center. There is only a fee of 25 YTL for swift transactions and a certain rate of commission for stock transactions.

You can get e-slips online or official slips from our branches.

You can change the billing period of your credit card by answering the security questions asked by the customer representative. (Excluding Kampanya and VeezyGo customers)

Although there is no fee for cash advance transactions, the cash advance interest applies.

Yes. You can update your address after answering security questions.

You can get a password for your card from the AçıkDeniz Internet Branch or the Contact Center.

Yes. After answering security questions or dialing your card number and password, you can cancel your instruction.

Yes. After answering security questions or dialing your card number and password, you can schedule automatic payments for your bills.

After calling the Contact Center, either by answering security questions or dialing your card number and password, you can update your address.

You can receive information by speaking to the Customer Representative or by choosing the “Credit Card Application” (8) menu of the Interactive Vocal Response System

You can earn DenizYıldızı points by the transactions you conduct through the Contact Center. To find out about your total points or to order gifts, you can speak with the Customer Representative.

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