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SifreTek Mobil is an application which is installed in the java supported mobile phones and work through these telephones and which produces “Single-Use Password”.

• It is dynamic-it produces “Single-Use Password” which is new and special for you in every use. • The passwords produced could not be reused by you or by any other user. • You can reach the Internet Branch securely from any point you want (internet café, house, office etc.) • You can easily carry it with you at any time (it provides mobility)

Through our branches, all of the customers make application, From the Internet Branch, real customers and common account owners only, Via the Communication Centre, only real customers make application.

Your mobile phone should support the java applications and all of the GPRS (internet connection) settings should be made in order to make SifreTek Mobil application. • Select ‘SifreTek’ in the “Security Management” menus in AçıkDeniz, • Select the step ‘SifreTek Application’ in ‘SifreTek’ menus, • Mark the ‘SifreTek Mobil’ option in the SifreTek Application page, • Select the model and brand of your mobile phone and control your mobile phone number (you can update your mobile phone number through 444 0 800) • Select the “Continue” button and read the SifreTek Contract in the next page and then complete your application. • Application link (with wap push), serial number and activation number will be sent (with SMS) for the SifreTek Mobil installation to your mobile phone after the application. “The wap push settings should be on for the application link to reach your mobile phone.”

• Reach application bar by clicking address "" which is sent with SMS or writing this address in the address bar which is present for GPRS Internet connection. • Download the application. (If the language selection for example English is selected in some of the telephones, then the expression “Install Şifre Tek?” will appear.) • Save the application in the Phone Memory. Do not forget the menus saved. • Then, select the SifreTek logo or menus from the point you saved the application. The following data are entered in the windows in order: a. Seri No (Serial No) b. Activation No. If the information entered is correct, then the “Successful Activation” message will appear. The application is now ready for use in your mobile phone.

To use SifreTek Mobil; • Log in AçıkDeniz, • Select the ‘SifreTek’ step from the “Security Management” menus, • Select the ‘Open to Use” button in the ‘SifreTek’ page, • Enter the 6-digit Single-Use Password which you will produce with your mobile phone on the screen and select ‘Ok’ button.

• Enter the ‘SifreTek’ application from your mobile phone, • Select the ‘Produce Password’ option, • 6-digit ‘Single-Use Password’ which appears on the screen is ready to use.

You can use AçıkDeniz Internet Branch with your SifreTek according to the below-selected option. • I want to use ‘SifreTek Mobil’ only in entry to AçıkDeniz, According to this selection, you are required to enter the single-use password in addition to the login name, e-password and AçıkDeniz password when logging in AçıkDeniz. • I want to use ‘SifreTek Mobil’ only in money transfer transactions, You are required to enter the single-use password which you will produce with your mobile phone on the screen at the approval stage of the transfer transaction. • I want to use ‘SifreTek Mobil’, if the amount I will state exceeds the total of the money transfers which I will make during the day, If the amount to be determined by the customer exceeds the total amount of transfers to be made during the day, then he is required to use SifreTek Mobil. The operation is exactly same with previous application. • I want to use the above-stated usage option in the hour intervals which I will determine. SifreTek Mobil is used only in the hour intervals determined by the customer.

You are blocked for 1 hour if you enter incorrectly for 3 successive times. You can remove your blockage in 444 0 800 or from our branches.

You can use only one of them.

You can cancel SifreTek Mobil by dialling 5 and 3 after 444 0 800.

No. You do not need to pay any price during the application and usage of SifreTek Mobil.

Yes. The corporate persons and common account holders can use SifreTek Mobil.

Yes. You can produce Single-Use Password from same mobile phone for your individual and common account.

You can use with all of the GMS operators but only in the java-supported mobile phones. If your telephone does not support the Java applications, then you can not use SifreTek Mobil application. In addition to this, the GPRS settings (Internet access) of the telephone used should be made.

You can take support from the following websites for the GPRS settings.

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