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Suppose you made a purchase of 300 YTL at a merchant partner that offers bonuses of 10% for full payments and 5 % for installed payments. If you prefer to pay in full, 30 YTL will be awarded on the chip of your Bonus Card. If you choose to pay in installments, 15 YTL will be added to your Bonus Card. You can spend your accumulated bonuses whenever you want and enjoy free shopping. At Bonus Card merchant partners, you can earn bonuses as you make installed purchases. During purchases you make in Turkey and abroad in millions of merchants displaying the Visa/MasterCard logo, money (bonuses) is accumulated in your Bonus Card.

The annual card fee for DenizBank BonusCard cannot be collected before a full cycle of 12 months. Customers who spend 250 TL and above are exempt from this fee.


Bonus points are earned at the rate of 0.35 % from supermarkets, gas stations and non-web members and 0.5 % from other non-web merchant partners.

When the DenizBank Bonus main and additional cards are first issued, they are sent to customers with 2 new bonus points. Main cardholders and additional cardholders or any other different Bonus cardholders may not combine their bonuses.

Separate statements may be requested for additional DenizBank Bonus cards.

Provided that DenizBank BonusCard holders pay their debt at DenizBank ATMs, the AçıkDeniz (Open) Internet Branch or AçıkDeniz Contact Center, 0.2 % of the amount paid will be earned as bonuses.

There is a DenizBank virtual bonus card. It can be requested from branches AçıkDeniz Contact Center and AçıkDeniz Internet branch. It is possible to earn bonuses with virtual cards, too. However, no initial bonuses are added as the cards are issued.

The limits of your DenizBank BonusCard and DenizBank credit card are the same.

DenizBank BonusCards are issued for 3 years.

The DenizBank Bonus Card insurance covers purchases and lost/stolen cards.

There is no distinction of classic, gold or platinum for DenizBank Bonus Cards.

SeaStars cannot be turned into Bonuses.

There are 4 billing periods for the DenizBank Bonus Card, which are the; • 3rd (1st Bonus Statement Period), • 10th (2nd. Bonus Statement Period), • 17th (3rd Bonus Statement Period) • and 27th (4th Bonus Statement Period) of every month. Billing periods can be changed by getting in touch with 444 0 800 AçıkDeniz Contact Center.

It is a document regularly sent to your address every month. It shows your purchases, limit, bonuses, debt and payment information between the previous billing period and the current billing period.

If you do not pay your debt on the payment due date, and owe a balance anywhere between the minimum repayment and the total debt, the remaining amount will be debited as the purchase interest (tiered interest rate varying by the remaining amount) from the payment due date until the date of full repayment. For your cash advance transactions, the interest is calculated starting with the date of withdrawing cash advance.

Yes. Your DenizBank Bonus Card Account Statement will be sent to the fax number and/or e-mail address stated in your application form. If you had not provided this information in the form, you can contact us at 444 0 800 AçıkDeniz Contact Center.

You can change your billing period once a month and a total of 2 times per year by calling 444 0 800 AçıkDeniz Contact Center

• 444 0 800 AçıkDeniz Contact Center • AçıkDeniz Internet Branch • DenizBank branches • DenizBank ATMs • ŞekerBank Branches * • Oyakbank Branches * • Tekstilbank Branches * • Via automatic payment instruction* • Post offices* doing online transactions. *In which case 2.63 YTL of transaction fee will be charged on your next statement.

No. You can make payments for your card in all payment channels mentioned above.

Given that you make your payments regularly and do not exceed your limit, your card limit will be automatically increased depending on economic indicators twice a year. If you want your limit to be reconsidered by the bank, you can apply to your branch or 444 0 800 AçıkDeniz Contact Center.

You can pay for your purchases made abroad in YTL or USD, as indicated in your application form

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