Meet the privileges and customized services, offered by Afili Bonus Platinum

Afili Bonus designed according to your needs and expectations, offers unique exprience in your whole life

  • Afili Bonus Platinum offers all features of Deniz Bonus Card.
  • With Afili Bonus, while feeling privileged, you earn more bonus points when you are shopping and shop for free at Bonus Program partners with the bonus points you accumulated.
  • With contactless card feature, you may easily and quickly realize your transactions under 50 TL at all spots with contactless card reader without needing pin code and signature.
  • For your urgent cash needs, you may use your entire available card limit as cash advance or cash advance with installments.
  • 30% off at Sunday breakfasts everywhere in Turkey
  • 30% off at theatres and movie theatres at the weekends
  • 50% off at car parking and/or valet parking services at İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and Antalya airports
  • 30% discounted Shuttle service for airport transportation
  • Special discounts and privileges at Hillside
  • 25% discount privilege at Suada Club and Reina
  • Free airport transfer when you purchase international flight tickets through Affluent Contact Line
  • Free of charge visa application service once a year (within the borders of Istanbul)
  • 3 installments when you spend 150 TL and more abroad
  • 20% off for dry cleaning services at Dry Center branches… With the advantage of free delivery service in Istanbul…
  • Up to 20% off at the most prominent restaurants, cafés and hotels in Turkey
  • Affluent Service Package offering services that will facilitate your life, which you can benefit from 24/7 though 0212 340 21 21 Affluent Contact Line

Using your Afili Bonus Platinum actively is adequate for you to become our Bank’s Afili Bonus customer.

You may visit for terms and conditions for all privileges and services offered by Afili Bonus.

  • DenizBank Branches
  • 08502220800 AçıkDeniz Telephone Banking
  • AçıkDeniz Internet Branch
  • SMS (text AFILI, leave a space and send your Republic of Turkey ID Number to 3280!)

By visiting branches

  • All DenizBank branches and Denizbank ATMs,
  • All Practical Spots*,
  • All Garanti Bank branches and ATMs*,
  • All PTT branches and ATMs*,
  • All Tekstilbank branches*.

And if you wish,

  • Through other banks with EFT,
  • From your DenizBank account with automatic payment order,
  • Through 08502220800 AçıkDeniz Telephone Banking,
  • Through AçıkDeniz Internet Banking.

*Transaction fee shall be reflected on your account statement for payment made at these spots. Please click here for current fee information

*For your security, your card is locked when it is delivered. 1 day after you receive your card, it will be automatically opened for use and you will receive an SMS notification. When you receive your card, you may start using it on the same day after obtaining your pin number.

*You may text SIFRE, leave a space, write the 4-digit pin number you choose, leave a space, write the last four digits of your card number and the last three digits on the back of your card and send to 3280 by SMS. (E.g.: SIFRE 1234 1234567).

*Please do not choose your card pin number among figures easy to be estimated by third persons, such as your date of birth. You should protect your card and your pin number which is required to use your card, not share it with third parties and take the required measures to prevent others from using it.

*In the event your card is lost, stolen or your pin number is acquired and you notice that your card was used in any transaction beyond your will, please immediately report by applying to the nearest branch or calling Affluent Contact Line at (0212) 340 21 21.

*Please note that you are responsible for losses arising from illegal usage that occurred within 24 hours prior to loss/stolen notification, being limited to TL 150. However, in the event such notification is not made, the mentioned limit shall not be applied and you shall be responsible for all spending made. You may have the TL 150 which you will be responsible for in a loss/stolen case insured by an insurance company or you may call Affluent Contact Line at (0212) 340 21 21 to have this product via our Bank.

You should notify our Bank of the changes in your home/work address or other contact details within 15 days.

*In transactions by foreign currency, your account statements can be prepared in Turkish Lira (TL) OR US Dollar (USD) upon your request. Foreign currency transactions are converted into USD by international card companies and your card account is debited accordingly. In the event you do not repay your spending made in USD by the last payment date, your debt amount shall be converted into TL the next business day after your last payment date upon the Central Bank effective sell rate and cash advance interest shall be applied.

* The insurance policy maximum coverage amount is 25.000 USD and covers death as a result of accident and permanent disability as a result of accident. To benefit from the insurance, the tickets in domestic and international travels should be paid by Afili Bonus Platinum credit card. It is valid on domestic and international travels.

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