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Bonus for your promise!

When you promise to spend a specific amount each month for 12 months, you receive extra bonus in advance! In addition, you continue to earn bonuses while spending!

Your Promise to spend (TL) each month Bonus in advance
500 50
750 75
1.000 100
1.500 150
2.000 200

Terms and Conditions of the Bonus for Your Promise Campaign

  • With the monthly spending commitment, bonus is uploaded to the card. Bonus earning continues with spending.
  • To make an application, your card bills must have been paid regularly each month in the past or not have been deferred.
  • Regarding shopping with installments, the installment amounts will be added to the commitment amount you have to spend within the Bonus for Your Promise program, not the total amount of spending on the first day of shopping with the card.
  • The monthly commitment amount must be spent between one day after the first statement date following the order and the next statement date.
  • Bonus for Your Promise ends when the selected monthly shopping commitment is not fulfilled, your payments are deferred or your card is blocked for use because your card debt is not paid regularly following your participation in the Bonus for Your Promise campaign and when the card is cancelled and not renewed due to actions in breach of the credit card membership agreement signed with our bank. When Bonus for Your Promise ends, in the first statement prepared after the termination of the card, the Bonus for Your Promise amount uploaded in line with the terms and conditions of the Bonus for Your Promise campaign will appear as debt to the card.
  • Main card holders can benefit from this campaign.
  • The monthly spending commitment cannot exceed card limit and it is as much as your maximum usable card limit.
  • Each credit card can participate in the Bonus for Your Promise campaign once during the commitment period.
  • Commercial cards and card holders who make commercial use cannot benefit fro the campaign.
  • Regular payment instructions given to the credit card are not included in the campaign. Only shopping transactions are included in the campaign.

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