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Taksitli Nakit Avans Deniz'den!

For all cash needs, DenizBank credit cards are adequate. You can carry out transactions with installments as much as your cash advance limit and pay your debt with maturities up to 18 months. Plus no guarantors, no collateral, no waiting.

How to find Cash Advance with Installments:

  • AçıkDeniz Internet Branch
  • DenizBank ATMs
  • 08502220800 DenizBank Call Center
If you do not have a card, apply now; enjoy the advantages of holding a DenizBank credit card!
Sample payment plan for TL 1.000 Cash Advance with Installments
Cash Advance Amount TL 1,000.00
Number of Monthly Installments 12
Monthly Interest Rate 2.69%
Transaction Fee* TL 37.80
Total Repayment TL 1,249.83
Monthly Repayment Amount TL 101.00
* Banking Insurance Transactions Tax is included in the transaction fee.

Terms and Conditions

  • Cash advance with installments can be used at amount of TL 250 at minimum and TL 1.500 at maximum per transaction.
  • In Cash advance with installments transactions, 3.5%+TL 1 is charged on the capital as cash advance transaction fee as in current cash advance transactions.
  • Daily cash withdrawal interest is applied to the cash advance with installments transaction if no payment is made until the payment deadline or the payment made was less than the amount of the installment.
  • In Cash advance with installments transactions, the installment amounts appear on your statement on the date determined on the payment plan. Dates of installments cannot be changed according to changed statement dates.
  • Cash advance withdrawal with installments transactions are deducted from the cash withdrawal limit defined to the credit card. Cash advance with installments transaction is restricted with the usable cash withdrawal limit of the card holder at the time of transaction.
  • No Bonus is earned by cash advance with installments transactions.
  • You may contact DenizBank Call Center for an earlier closure transaction of cash advance with installments.

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