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Promise now! Use your Bonus Points now! If you agree to spend a certain amount with your credit card every month for 12 months, you'll earn extra bonuses even before you start using your card.

Addition to this, you will still be earning bonuses as you continue to use your card for Purchases and Cash Advance transactions.

Apply to "Sözünüze Bonus" (Bonus Promise) by calling the DenizBank Contact Center at 08502220800.

Bonus Promise Table
Promised expenditure per month (TL) Extra bonuses earned
500 30
750 40
1.000 60
1.500 100
2.000 150

Rules of the "Bonus Promise" Campaign

  • Bonuses are added on your card as you agree to make a certain amount of purchases every month with your credit card. You will be earning bonuses at the same rate as you spend.
  • To apply, your card payments should have been done regularly every month without any late payments.
  • For purchases to be paid in installments, instead of the total expenditure on the first day of the purchase, the amount of each installment will be counted towards your promised expenditures for each month.
  • The campaign starts on your current statement period.
    For example, if your billing period is the 24th of the month and you agree to join the campaign on February 12, 2005, then you take part in the campaign not just with your purchases made from the 12th to the 24th but with your statement total for that period. If you think you hadn't spent enough within that statement period, we recommend you to join the campaign after the 24th of the month.
  • If you do not fulfill your promised monthly expenditures, have not paid your credit card regularly since you've joined the "bonus promise" campaign, or your credit card account was closed, canceled and not renewed due to violations of the provisions of the credit car membership agreement signed with our bank, then your participation in the "Bonus Promise" campaign is terminated immediately. In that case, the amount of bonuses added on your card according to the rules of the campaign will be charged to your account and appear on the first account statement printed after the closing of the card.
  • Only main cardholders can benefit from this campaign.
  • The monthly expenditure promise cannot surpass the card limit and amounts to your maximum available card limit.
  • Each credit card holder can participate in the "Bonus Promise" campaign for once during the period of the promise made.

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