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Payment and Interest Information

Monthly Statement (Account Statement)

This is the statement which is sent every month on a regular basis and includes expenditure, limit, bonus, debt and payment information related to the relevant period. Card-based details of the expenditures made with additional cards are included under the topic “Transactions within the Period” of your account statement.

Total Debt Amount (Period Debt)

Refers to the total debt to be paid within the period of the account statement.

Minimum Payment Amount

Refers to the minimum amount that must be paid until the payment due date.

Account Cut-Off Date

Refers to the date when your account statement is prepared.

Payment Due Date

Refers to the due date when the debt stated in the account statement must be paid.

Minimum Payment Ratio

Customers have to pay the minimum payment amount specified in the account statement sent to them until the payment due date. As per the Regulation on Bank Cards and Credit Cards, the minimum payment amount cannot be less than 30% of the period debt and less than 40% of the period debt for newly granted credit cards within one year of the date of first use. Being not less than the said amounts, the bank reserves its right to determine the minimum payment amount. Minimum payment amount can be increased by the bank through notifying in the account statement.

Interest Calculation

If you pay the whole amount of your debt until the payment due date (except for cash advance transactions), no interest shall be charged. If the minimum amount or more of the period debt specified in the account statement is paid, contractual interest will be applied; if an amount below the minimum amount is paid, delay interest will be applied for the unpaid part of the minimum amount; and contractual interest will be applied for the portion of the remaining account balance which exceeds the minimum amount. Interest will accrue for the total debt from the account cut-off date until the payment date; and for the remaining amount from the payment date until the next account cut-off date. As Delay and Shopping Interest, the maximum rates announced by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey shall be applied.

Contractual and Delay Interest Calculation Examples

For credit card shopping (contractual) and delay interest rates calculation examples, please click here.

Credit Card Interests and Fees

DenizBank credit card interests and fees can be accessed here .

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