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Private Portfolio Management is managing portfolios consisting of capital market instruments on behalf of customers for maximum efficiency in compliance with the risk and period of time determined by customers.

The Capital Markets Board of Turkey regulates portfolio management by its communiqué serial V, number 29. Accordingly,

  • Portfolio Management can only be executed by authorized brokerage houses or portfolio management companies.
  • These organizations are obliged to have adequate space, technical equipment, organizational structure and employ specialists eligible to be portfolio managers for the activities of portfolio management and research.

Organizations that will serve in the field of Portfolio Management have to

  • Protect customer interests,
  • Base investment decisions on documents or other grounds, 
  • Act in accordance with objective rules of good will,
  • Identify and document the portfolio by a contract that includes details such as risk-return preferences, time periods, etc. 

The Capital Markets Board of Turkey (SPK) regularly supervises these organizations to make sure that they obey the rules and regulations. Portfolio Management organizations report to the SPK periodically.

Advantages of Portfolio Management

  • Professional management,
  • The opportunity to benefit from all investment instruments by a composition that will be prepared by tailored risk-return preferences,
  • Continuous monitoring of markets on your behalf by specialists and taking necessary actions on time,
  • Regular flow of information by reports prepared specially for you.

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