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Capital Market Instruments

In order to make use of your savings on the capital market, you can choose DenizBank, which has a certificate of authority in accordance with the current laws of the Capital Markets Board.

Capital Market Activities

One of the building blocks of the financial system in the economy is the capital market. The building blocks that make up the financial system are the institutions that exchange between account owners and those who need funds, financial institutions, instruments and the boards that make and control the legal regulations of these institutions. The main purpose of the financial system is to direct account owners to areas of high yield, to take measures against and manage all kinds of risks arising from the nature of the economy. The main elements of the financial system are banking, capital markets and insurance.

Why Is the Capital Market Important and What Are Its Types?

Investors who want to make use of their savings with a certain expectation of return use the instruments of the capital markets. The person or organizations that need the fund try to provide financing with the collateral of the debt securities or stocks they issue. People in the sector who want to keep risk elements to a minimum resort to methods such as arbitrage or hedging with the support of derivative instruments. The capital market not only controls risk management, but also aims to bring small savings to the economy. These savings, which do not have a return on their own, accumulate on securities and turn into investments that benefit the economy.

Primary and Secondary Markets

The primary market is where account owners and those in need of funds directly confront each other via various instruments. An example of primary market is that companies offer IPOs by issuing stocks, and people who own funds also invest in these stocks. Secondary markets in which securities are cashed are markets that make securities transactions, which were previously subject to purchase and sale, through brokerage firms. Securities such as variants, future contracts, shares and stocks are available in this market. The stock exchange is one of the organized examples of these markets. You can also receive a return on profit by using DenizBank investment products and use your money safely.

Institutions and Organizations Associated with the Capital Market

The "Capital Markets Board (CMB)", which makes and supervises legal arrangements for the safe and efficient realization of capital market activities, also continues its development and improvement efforts. The CMB, which is also responsible for protecting the rights of investors, sets the rules necessary for the effective and fair operation of the markets and has sanctioning power over the parties. Other organizations operating in connection with the CMB include:

  • Prime Ministry Undersecretariat Of Treasury
  • CBRT - Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
  • BRSA-Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency
  • CRA - Central Registry Agency
  • TSPAKB - Association of Capital Market Intermediary Institutions of Turkey
  • TAKASBANK - Settlement and Custody Bank
  • Borsa Istanbul
  • Investment Firms
  • Public Companies
  • Rating Agencies
  • Portfolio Management Companies

What Instruments Are Used in the Capital Market?

Mutual funds, treasury bonds, private sector bonds, stocks, private sector bills, asset-guaranteed securities, asset-backed securities, options, lease certificates, and the futures contract instruments are used in the capital markets.

Investors who want to become partners by purchasing shares (stocks) from public companies can trade on organized exchanges, gain the right to vote in management and earn income in the form of taking shares on profits. Bonds arising from the government's or private sector's search for funds provide financial support by offering securities. As a bondholder, you will only be a creditor of the entity from which you received the bond, and not be able to have a right to partnership. Bonds with a maturity period of less than one year are called "bills". By meeting with DenizBank experts, you can get up-to-date information about futures and other investment instruments and look into different alternatives together.

DenizBank Capital Market Activities

In order to make use of your savings on the capital market, you can choose DenizBank, which has a certificate of authority in accordance with the current laws of the Capital Markets Board. You can also have an idea of how to make use of your savings by receiving support from our investment experts if you wish.

As a result of the application we made to Capital Markets Board for the renewal of our bank's authorization certificates pursuant to the Capital Market Law No. 6362, we have been authorized to operate and engage in investment services and activities according to the Communiqué No. III-37.1 on Principles Regarding Investment Services, Activities and Ancillary Services and the Communiqué No. III-39.1 on Principles of Establishment and Activities of Investment Firms.

Capital Markets Board has given our bank the authorization certificate no. BNK-025(066) dated 15.01.2016.