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Affluent Plan is a private pension plan specially designed for DenizBank Affluent Banking customers: the plan includes several advantages and privileges. With Affluent Plan, you may invest your savings on 5 different pension funds specially designed for different risk groups


You may contribute a minimum of TL 329 monthly

The minimum initial contribution amount is set as TL 5.000 for Affluent Plan with monthly minimum contribution of TL 329.

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee is set to amount as the Gross Minimum Wage Monthly which is valid by the proposal date of your pension plan. All of this amount is deferred for 5 years.

The contributor is to pay the entrance fee in case he/she chooses to leave the pension system, to leave this pension plan through consolidation to another pension plan in another company or to transfer his/her savings to another company before this 5 years' deferral period is complete.

Administrative Expenses Fee

Monthly Contribution Administrative Fee Interim Contribution Administrative Fee
329 TL - 599 TL 3% 0 TL - 599 TL 3%
600 TL - 1999 TL 1% 600 TL - 1999 TL 1%
2000 TL ve üzeri 0% 2000 TL + 0%

No administrative fee is charged over the initial contribution.

Funds Offered in the scope of Risks & Risk Groups

Liquid Fund, Bill & Bond Fund, FX Fund, Flexible Fund, Stock Fund

Risk Groups Liquid Fund Bill & Bond Fund Flexible Fund FX Fund Stock Fund Risk
Conservative 20% 80%       2,10
Medium-Low   50% 30% 20%   2,29
Medium   50% 50%     50%
Medium-High   30% 60%   10% 3,77
Medium-High   40% 30%   30% 5,17
Risk 1,73 2,31 2,31 3,84 13,02  

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