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Your savings grow with
20% extra government contribution in Dowry Account!

Those who open a Dowry Account are comfortable when they get married.

Visit Deniz and open a Dowry Account* for yourself or your child and enjoy up to 5.279 TL government contribution in addition to your savings.


  • You may open a Dowry Account for yourself or your dependent children with an age limitation of 24.
    The account owner should be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.
  • You may open a Dowry Account only in TL. You cannot open more than one Dowry Account or link it with a joint account.
  • Your Dowry Account will be opened with 3-year maturity and will be automatically renewed at maturity dates unless you have an order otherwise.
  • You may issue a regular saving order for your Dowry Account from your demand deposit account or your DenizBank credit card.
  • You may set your regular payments** as monthly or quarterly, as you wish.
  • If you choose monthly regular payments, you may make a payment from 105.58 to 1.055,80 TL; if you choose quarterly regular payments, you may make a payment from 316.74 to 3.167,40 TL.
  • You may also open your account with an initial amount between your regular payment amount and 15.837 TL at account opening.
  • Your accrued interest amount for the relevant year will be added to your principal amount at the anniversary date of your account.
  • In the event that the regular payment amount cannot be collected, a partial collection will be made on condition that such amount is not less than the minimum regular payment amount. Payments that are made in partial collection shall also be taken into consideration as “regular payment”.
  • Interest continues to be applied upon the new advantageous interest rate set at the start of the one-year terms that follow. DenizBank undertakes that the interest rates of the subsequent years shall be 0.50% above the average of the highest interest rates offered by top four private banks for 365-day time deposits in TL.

Who can apply for Government Contribution?

Customers who saved in their Dowry Account for at least 3 years in line with terms and conditions and who got married for the first time before they turned 27 can benefit from government contribution.

Besides, you are required to fulfill the following conditions in order to maintain your account as a Dowry Account:

  • If you are making monthly regular payments, the payments should not be interrupted more than three times a year. If you are making quarterly regular payments, the payments should not be interrupted more than once a year.
  • Cash withdrawal transaction should not be made more than two times in a year.
  • In case of cash withdrawal, the balance amount in the account should not be less than the sum of the minimum amounts required to be deposited as from the opening date of the Dowry Account.

How to calculate the Government Contribution

  • The principal saving at your marriage date shall be taken as basis when calculating the government contribution.
  • Interest accruing on your account will not be included when calculating the government contribution.
  • Government contribution payment will not exceed 20% of your saving amount and 5.279 TL at maximum at your marriage date.
  • The government contribution rate and maximum amount to be paid can be found below:
Hükümetin Katkı Payı Tablosu
Savings Period Government Contribution Maximum Payment Amount
Less than 36 months Not paid Not paid
36-47 months Savings Amount*10% 4.232,20 TL
48-59 months Savings Amount*15% 4.751,10 TL
60 months and above Savings Amount*20% 5.279 TL

Dowry Account Interest Rate

Maturity Regular Payment Amount Interest Rate
3 years at minimum 105,58 at minimum and 1.055,80 TL at maximum in monthly payments 12.50%
316,74 at minimum and 3.167,40 TL at maximum in quarterly payments

How to make a transaction

You can visit the nearest DenizBank Branch to open a Dowry Account.

*The Regulation on Dowry Account and Government Contribution has been signed by the Council of Ministers and promulgated in the Official Gazette dated 16.12.2015 and numbered 29564.

In order to be entitled to government contribution, it is required to make regular payment into the account for at least 3 years before the marriage date in line with Dowry Account terms and get married for the first time before turning 27. The government contribution may not exceed 20% of the saving account and 5.279 TL at maximum at marriage date.

** Regular payment amounts at minimum and maximum increase and decrease as much as the valuation rate announced every year. These changes shall apply to all existing and new customers.

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