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Deniz Plan

Deniz Plan is the plan which is devised for 5 different risk groups, in which we form the financial investment strategy with our customers and in which supplementary unemployment coverage is offered for free. The plan consists of 5 different fund types and was devised for our customers who wish to carry out transactions in share and foreign currency pension investment funds.


The minimum contribution amount is TL 132. Participants may increase their contributions if they wish.

Entrance Fee

Entrance fee is set to amount as the Gross Minimum Wage Monthly which is valid by the proposal date of your pension plan. The entrance fee paid in first entry is TL 120. It shall be collected in 4 equal installments. The remaining amount is deferred for 5 years.

The contributor is to pay the entrance fee in case he/she chooses to leave the pension system, to leave this pension plan through consolidation to another pension plan in another company or to transfer his/her savings to another company before this 5 years' deferral period is complete.

Administrative Expenses Fee

In regular contribution payments;

Regular Contribution Amount Administrative Expenses Fee
TL 132 – TL 299 6%
TL 300 – TL 599 4%
TL 600 – 1 TL.999 2%
TL 2.000 and above 1%

In the event of depositing interim contributions;

Interim Contribution Amount Administrative Expenses Fee
TL 0 – TL 299 6%
TL 300 – TL 599 4%
TL 600 – TL 1.999 2%
TL 2.000 and above 1%

In the event of depositing initial contributions the rate is 1 %.

Funds Offered in the scope of Risk & Risk Groups

Liquid PMF, Public Debt Securities PMF, Flexible PMF, Government Foreign Bonds and Bills Fund (Income) and Stock Funds (Growth)

Risk Groups Liquid Funds Bond -Bill Fund Flexible Funds FX Funds Stock Fund Risk
Conservative 20% 80% 2,10
Medium - below 50% 30% 20% 2,29
Medium 50% 50% 2,70
Medium - above 30% 60% 10% 3,77
Aggressive 40% 30% 30% 5,17
Risk 1,73 2,31 3,75 3,84 13,02

Special for You

We offer supplementary unemployment coverage for our participants benefiting from Deniz Plan. This scope includes;

  • Involuntary unemployment coverage for permanent private sector employees
  • Daily hospital coverage resulting from accident or disease for the self-employed and public employees

You can receive your plan from the closest DenizBank branch to you. For detailed information please call 444 0 638 (MET) in order to consult MetLife Customer Services.

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