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Digital Products

Day 11

Food, Agriculture and Water

The Digital Transformation of Agriculture at DenizBank

Event Name: The Digital Transformation of Agriculture at DenizBank

Date: 10th of December

Time: 10:00-11:00

Location: Green-Zone ENBD Pavillion


The Bank has made significant contributions to the industry in terms of innovations, product groups and human resources since it acquired the foremost agricultural bank Tarişbank in 2001, and moved into agricultural banking with the aim of “protecting farmers from usurious lenders and exorbitant interest rates.” It incorporated a tradition embraced by 120 thousand farmers, and protected and sustained this knowledge and value. DenizBank developed a service model that is tailored for the producers and designed to meet their real needs, by teaching agriculture financing to its Sailors and Captains, most of whom are local people and agricultural engineers.

Sustainability of agricultural production is threatened by major issues, namely numerous climatic, social and economic facts such as the separation between rural and urban life throughout the world, the gradually-aging farmer population as a result of this, increasing number of extraordinary climatic events with a rising severity, and the escalation in temperature whose results are regarded as a measurable loss of productivity. Solutions for these issues generally twine around two points. First, maintaining “family farming,” which is the dominant agricultural business model around the global, as a structure, in other words, achieving economic and social sustainability; second one is the issue of combating global climate change which requires a much more collective approach, namely the matter of ensuring ecological sustainability.


  • Mehmet Mumcuoğlu – Regional Industry Manager, IFC
  • Beril Oğuz - Financial Institutions and Sustainability Coordination Group EVP, DenizBank
  • Gürhan Çam - Chief Executive Officer , NEOHUB