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Privacy Policy

DenizBank A.Ş only gathers information from customers that it deems necessary to provide the best targeted service and product along with the obligatory information within the framework of the related legislation.

As DenizBank, it is our main approach to use the confidentiality, security of the gathered customer information as per the customer requests.
Customer requests are confidential under the security conditions provided within DenizBank and the access of DenizBank employees and personnel to the said customer information is regulated within the framework of DenizBank Security Policies; customer information is not shared with any institution and anybody other than the obligatory cases stipulated in the legislation.

There is always an article regarding the confidentiality of customer information in agreements signed with institutions providing services as far as outsourced services are concerned and institutions which provide services and their employees are requested to follow the confidentiality and secret keeping rules that are laid out within the framework of DenizBank Security Policies.

Customer Information can be shared with other institutions only as per the customer requests. In case the customer does not want to receive information from our Bank, it will be sufficient to submit this request to 0850 222 0 800 Telephone Banking.

Customer shall introduce himself/herself properly to our systems to access his/her information on DenizBank internet media. The related responsibility fully belongs to the customer.

DenizBank states that it respects your trust while providing the security of customer information within the framework of related legislation.

DenizBank Security Group