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Day 9

Youth, Children, Education and Skills

Building The New Economy

Event Name: Building the New Economy: Importance of Climate Tech and Innovative Solutions to Shape the Future of Financial Institutions

Date: 8th of December

Time: 13:30-14:30

Location: Green-Zone ENBD Pavillion


We will be hosting executives with various focus to explore the ways in which the accelerator hubs around the World can help fintech start-ups to pinpoint bottle-necks and create value propositions to increase the agility and efficiency of the current system. How can the current structure of financial institutions can enable innovations especially in the respective entities of our brilliant panelists. Join us for an enlightening panel discussion where we delve into the dynamic intersection of finance, innovation, and sustainability.


  • Beril Oğuz - Financial Institutions and Sustainability Coordination Group EVP, DenizBank


  • Neeraj Makin-Senior Executive Vice President - Group Head of Strategy, Analytics and Venture Capital, Emirates NBD
  • Gürhan Çam - Chief Executive Officer, NEOHUB
  • Siret Ünsal - Business Development Partner, Oxentia

NEOHUB-OXENTIA Signing Ceramony

Event Name: NEOHUB-Oxentia: “TRUK Accelerator” Announcement and Signing Ceremony

Date: 8th of December

Time: 15:00-16:00

Location: Green-Zone ENBD Pavillion


TRUK is a 9-month international acceleration program created in collaboration with Oxentia.

The program’s aim is to offer guidance and mentorship to startups operating within the sustainability field, and funding to those that successfully complete the program’s requirements. Embark on an exploration into the realm of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship. This panel discussion aims to shed light on the crucial and transformative role played by accelerator programs in fostering the growth and impact of startups dedicated to sustainability.

  • What led to the collaboration between NEOHUB and Oxentia in creating the TRUK Accelerator, and how does this partnership enhance the support provided to sustainability-focused startups?
  • How does the TRUK Accelerator program offer guidance and mentorship to participating startups, and what role does mentorship play in the success of sustainability-focused ventures?
  • What challenges and opportunities do sustainability-focused startups typically face, and how does the TRUK Accelerator address these within its program structure?
  • What support mechanisms are in place for startups after they complete the TRUK Accelerator program, and how does NEOHUB and Oxentia ensure the continued success and growth of these ventures
  • In the context of sustainability, how does the TRUK Accelerator measure and assess the impact of the startups it supports, and what metrics are considered indicative of success?


  • Siret Ünsal - Business Development Partner, Oxentia


  • Stephen Charles Cleverly - Chief Executive Officer, Oxentia
  • Fabio Bianchi - Head of Entrepreneurship, Oxentia
  • Gürhan Çam - Chief Executive Officer, NEOHUB
  • Aziz Köse - Chief Innovation & Ecosystem Officer, NEOHUB
  • Ata Özmen - Sustainability Coordination, DenizBank