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After its acquisition as a banking license in 1997, DenizBank climbed up towards top ranks in the banking sector in a short period of time. The Bank has been offering its all products and services to its customers under the roof of DenizBank Financial Services Group (DFSG) as from 2003. In line with its strategic development target, DFSG has been expanding its existing staff continuously in accordance with the broadening organization/branch network and increasing number of products and services and has reached 658 branches in total including foreign subsidiaries with 15338 people.

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Strong corporate culture and principles adopted by all employees are the driving forces behind the success of DFSG, and general policies set in order to ensure best fulfillment of duties by DFSG employees are based on the principles summarized below:

  • All employees, without discrimination, are provided with the professional environment and opportunities to make use of and improve their abilities.
  • Sufficient remuneration and other side benefits in line with current market conditions are offered.
  • Employees are offered training and internship opportunities to facilitate their professional improvement and increase success.
  • Employees are promoted within their career plans upon proving that they are eligible to hold a higher rank in terms of the relevant criteria.
  • Basis for new ideas is provided within the framework of mutual trust, understanding and communication and problems are solved.
  • Systems that promote and reward success and excellence are established.
  • The facts that the first prerequisite for success is to respect people and their dignity and to consider that human resource and its improvement is the most valuable asset of an organization are adopted.