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We provide uninterrupted services by giving top priority to your health

In the battle against the pandemic that has impacted the entire world for over two years, we have adopted necessary measures against possible risks in terms of public health since day one and continue to do so as an establishment that carries out activities in 81 provinces of Turkey with more than 14 thousand employees. Thanks to the solidarity we have shown as a society, we are now delighted to be at a stage where we can look to the future with more confidence. Based on the fact that the pandemic will not be over in one day, we believe in the sensitivity of practicing individual measures in particular in the new period as well.

We share the measures and services practiced across the Bank including remote work, establishment of a vaccination center, restricting shared social areas, social distancing, intensive disinfection of branches, ATMs and all contact areas, providing masks and disinfectants and close follow up of employee health by our workplace physicians.

For Our Customers

  • Your entry to the customer waiting area is guided by our security staff to create your area of comfort in the branch and maintain the physical distance in parallel with the sensitivity in this period.
  • Banking transactions can be carried out from DenizBank Internet Branch, MobilDeniz, DenizKartım and fastPay applications and our Call Center 24/7 besides our branches; DenizBonus credit card expenditures can be securely performed online.
  • Besides increasing the ATM card or QR code daily money withdrawal limits to minimum 5000 TL free of charge, you may also deposit up to 20.000 TL daily through a single QR code with one tap.
  • To remain contact-free, you may safely realize your payments up to 500 TL through your DenizBank card which has a contactless feature or the QR code and mobile payment options via DenizKartım application
  • You can access all the information you need in order to cover your core banking needs by using digital channels on our webpage and applications.

For Our Employees

In order to protect the health of our employees while they provide uninterrupted services to our customers; we carry out the following:

  • We have established a vaccination center to complete the due vaccinations of all our employees at the head office through an appointment system.
  • We prioritized remote work, administrative leave or annual leave for our employees with chronic illnesses, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, along with personnel whose spouses are healthcare workers.
  • We reopened the social areas in our currently closed head office building based on normalization rules.
  • We do not accept visitors to the head office building except compulsory situations; possible visitors notify our Internal Services Department beforehand.
  • In order to prevent crowded gathering spaces, our meetings should be realized online if possible. In case of mandatory meetings, maximum 3 people with two masks on could be present.
  • We have restricted the use of dining hall and rearranged the seating groups as per the social distance. While preparing the menus to exclude unhealthy ingredients and by observing principles such as preventing chronic illnesses, vegetables and fruits which will boost the immunity are preferred.
  • Our internal psychologist and dietitian have started to provide online support for our employees to maintain their mental and physical health and get help about healthy eating while working from home, respectively.
  • We support all of our employees with contents titled “Coronavirus Information Series” on topics including the difference between Coronavirus and seasonal influenza, ways of transmission and risky people, protection methods, ways to boost the immunity and nutrition.
  • The few employees who are providing services in DenizBank Head Office building are examined in terms of symptoms in Deniz Clinic, and after measuring the fever, running blood tests, they leave for a house rest subject to the follow up of our internal doctors. Maintaining the communication with the related persons, in case of running a fever, experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain, bruising etc, we guide them so that they could be put under observation in hospitals.
  • Our employees maintain their trainings without interruption through remote online platforms. Our internship programmes are also held online.
  • Tapping into our corporate collective wisdom which we always attach importance and priority to in this process as well, we have created a line of communication through which employees can share their valuable recommendations and opinions with our executives.
  • These measures are audited in our Bank by the Occupational Health and Safety experts.