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Accumulating Deposit Account

Invest in the Future with the Accumulating Deposit Account!

General Information

You can easily and safely save money by automatically transferring to the accumulating account the amount you determine according to your budget or the total amount you want save each month.


  • It enables you to make regular savings in the long term.
  • Thanks to the favorable interest rates on the accumulating deposit account, your savings increase gradually.
  • You can optionally place a regular savings order from your checking account or credit card to DenizBank Accumulating Deposit Account.
  • You can invest in your future with amounts starting from a minimum of 150 TL, 50 Dollars or 50 Euros.
  • You can immediately start earning interests by depositing your savings as a starting amount without a limit when opening an account.
  • The interest amount is charged into your account on your account anniversaries.
  • You can make regular transfers in monthly or 3-month periods.
  • You can change your regular payment amount at any time throughout the term.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Accumulating Deposit Account?

It is a product that allows our customers, who want to invest in the future or intend to make regular savings, to invest in TL, USD and EUR thanks to its favorable interest rates.

How can I open an Accumulating Deposit Account?

You can open an account by coming to the nearest DenizBank Branch or through Acikdeniz online banking service.

How long is the term?

The term is 3 years for all currencies.

Can I make interim payments during the term?

If you want to increase your savings even faster, you can also make interim payments during the term, only on your regular payment days and within the limits set by our bank.

How does a regular payment order work on credit cards?

In your credit card orders, the regular payment amount is collected on the day of the credit card statement, and this collected amount is kept in a temporary account until the last payment day of your credit card. Therefore, it cannot be seen in your Accumulating Deposit Account until the last payment day of your credit card. On the last payment day, the said amount is taken from the temporary account and automatically transferred to your Accumulating Deposit Account balance.

Can I freeze my Accumulating Deposit Account?

Since the Accumulating Deposit Account is a regular investment product, collections are carried out in accordance with your orders and the account cannot be frozen during the term. On the other hand, if you do not make transfers to the account for 3 months in a row, the account will lose its accumulation function. Therefore, the balance in your Accumulating Deposit Account will be transferred to your checking account and your Accumulating Account will be closed.

What is partial collection?

Partial collection is a type of payment that takes place when the regular payment amount cannot be collected, provided that it is not lower than the minimum amount of a regular payment. Partial collection takes place depending on the current amount in your account or the available limit on your credit card. Payments made in the form of partial collection are also considered “regular payments.”

Is my account under any guarantee?

150,000 TL of the term deposit accounts are under the guarantee of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund. This insurance fund guarantees that losses incurred by depositors will be paid in part or in full by the state or an institution established for this purpose.

How much will the interest rate become after the first year of the Accumulating Deposit Account?

It continues to charge interest at the new favorable interest rate set at the beginning of the following one-year period. DenizBank guarantees that the interest rates for the following years will be 0.50% -in TL- and 0.25% -in FC- above the average of the highest interest rates announced by the four major private banks for 365-day deposits.

Can I close my Accumulating Deposit Account whenever I want?

It is possible to close your account, but if you close your account before the 3-year term, the interest amounts accrued to the account and added to the principal will be revoked. The accumulated amount is transferred to your relevant account.

Interest Rates on the Accumulating Deposit Account

Currency Type Term Minimum Opening Amount Minimum Regular Payment Maximum Regular Payment Interest Rate (First Year)
TRY 3 Years 250 250 3.000 15,00%
USD 3 Years 50 50 3.000 2,30%
EUR 3 Years 50 50 3.000 1,00%