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Captain Account

With DenizBank Captain Account, you can now easily manage your checking account!


Captain account aims to provide its customers with the easiest banking experience with its many unique and advantageous features.

  • The account makes investments on behalf of its owner as money enters the account. It provides customers with ease of use by capitalizing on the asset in the account in Deniz Portfolio Short-Term Debt Instruments Fund, Overnight Term Deposit or foreign exchange. 
  • With the orders you will place through your captain account, bills, credit cards etc. will be automatically paid, thus preventing the bank traffic for the customer. 
  • You can opt for TL, USD or EUR when opening a DenizBank Captain Account. 
  • An amount within certain limits is kept ready in the account for the daily cash needs. These limits are minimum 5,000 for TL, 2,500 for USD, and 2,500 for EUR.
  • In cases where you need to exceed your daily balance, you can opt for Deniz Portfolio Short-Term Debt Instruments Fund, Overnight Term Deposit or foreign exchange. 
  • The Captain Account applies a welcome interest. The upper limits are 1,000,000 TL and 250,000 USD/EUR for this interest.
  • You can make Overnight Term Deposit transactions during the 90-day welcome interest. After the welcome interest, the interest rate changes, making the standard interest rate of the Captain Account valid. Standard interest rates are also set in parallel with the market. 
  • Overnight term deposit investments will be valued at the minimum checking balance of Captain Account customers and calculated with or without term deposit depending on different hours and days. 

* Deposits opened in domestic branches in TL, FX and precious metals, except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are within the scope of insurance up to 650,000 TL in 2024, at each deposit bank, for each person.

Application Procedures

There are many methods for applying for a DenizBank Captain Account. The branches and Online Banking are the main ones. On the other hand, you can apply by getting detailed information under the Applications menu or through 08502220800, the DenizBank Phone Banking hotline.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DenizBank Captain Account?

The most accurate answer to this question will be that it is an account that thinks about its customers' investments more than they do. It provides a professional deposit account service to its customers with its services, interest rates and benefits.

When and under what circumstances can I withdraw my balance from the account?

The Overnight Term Deposit balance is considered a term deposit account during the night and over the weekend. You can withdraw your checking account balance from ATMs 24/7. You need to arrange your checking balance in the captain account well. Because the balance in the overnight term deposit cannot be withdrawn on weekends and holidays. However, the minimum balance can be withdrawn from the checking account 24/7.

How are DenizBank interest rates? Where can I view them?

DenizBank interest rates move in proportion to the market. Click here for more information about the topic.

What advantages does DenizBank Captain Account offer?

Captain Account is very useful for investments that require constant supervision. It offers a 24/7 customer-oriented service dedicated to making life easier thanks to its compliance with the developments. It helps to get short-or long-term loans, make foreign exchange transactions and various plans. Captain Account also offers advantages with the welcome interest. Another advantage is that it decreases the density for customers thanks to the automatic payment orders.

Is my deposit insured in the Captain Account?

200,000 TL of the deposit accounts are under the guarantee of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund. Non-commercial deposit transactions are covered by insurance up to 200,000 TL.