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Increase your profit with DepositFUND, which facilitates double investment in a single account!

General Information

DenizBank DepositFUND account allows you to have part of your money in a mutual fund while getting favorable interest rates for your term deposit savings. Giving you the chance to diversify your investments with various instruments, the DepositFUND account enables you to make a profit through different channels. Using whatever DepositFUND option you want, you can increase your earnings with high interest rates for term deposits.


  • The lower limit for the opening of the DepositFUND account is 10,000 TL.
  • You can open DepositFUND accounts in 1 - 3 - 6 - 12-month terms.
  • You can direct 15% - 20% - 25% - 30% of the money in your DepositFUND account to mutual funds by placing an order.
  • With the DepositFUND account, you can benefit from more favorable interest rates compared to standard term deposit accounts.
  • You can capitalize on your savings using the mutual fund you want in line with your risk and return expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Deposit Fund?

A deposit fund is a DenizBank investment product in which you gain returns from both term deposits and mutual fund by distributing your savings collected in a single account to different investment instruments at different rates. Term deposit interests are at high and favorable rates in a DepositFUND account.

How can I open a DepositFUND account?

To open your DenizBank DepositFUND Account and find out the details of the account, you can come to our nearest branch or get information from the 0 850 222 0 804 hotline.

What documents are required for a DenizBank DepositFUND account?

Any DenizBank customer can open a DepositFUND account by simply giving an order without submitting any documents. If this is the first you are opening a DenizBank account, just come to the branch with an identity card.

Can I use foreign currency for my DepositFUND account?

As a general rule, you can only use Turkish Lira to open a deposit fund account.