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Open An e-Deposit Account With One Click!


  • Open a term deposit account immediately without going to the bank.
  • Capitalize on your savings in Turkish Lira, USD, Euro or gold.
  • Benefit from high interest rates with special advantages.
  • Access your deposit account anytime, anywhere.

* Deposits opened in domestic branches in TL, FX and precious metals, except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are within the scope of insurance up to 650,000 TL in 2024, at each deposit bank, for each person.

Vadeli Mevduat Hesaplama

Rates and Fees

Maturity (Days) Amount Interval (TL)
Term 1.000 - 25.000 25.000 - 100.000 100.000 - 500.000 500.000 - 1.000.000
1-1 - 4,60 6,60 6,60
2-15 6,60 7,60 8,10 8,60
16-24 8,10 8,60 9,10 9,35
25-36 8,10 9,10 9,60 10,10
37-53 8,10 9,10 9,60 10,20
54-100 9,30 9,35 9,50 10,10
101-150 9,30 9,35 9,50 10,10
151-210 9,60 9,65 9,80 10,40
211-400 9,60 9,65 9,80 10,40

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-Deposit account?

e-Deposit is a DenizBank term deposit product with interest rates special to all Personal Banking customers. You can benefit from this revolutionary banking service anywhere, 24/7 without interruption, and you can open a term deposit account instantly. You can earn more from your savings by opening your e-deposit account now with special favorable bank interest rates offered in Online Banking or MobilDeniz.

Also, it is child's play to open and use an e-deposit account! All you need is a computer or smartphone that can connect to the internet in order to open a DenizBank e-Deposit account. To get started, log in to your personal banking account with your user information. Evaluate your savings with favorable interest rates on e-deposit, then sit back and start earning right away with DenizBank.

What is the minimum amount of money for e-Deposit?

You must have at least 1,000 TL in your account to be able to open an e-deposit account. As for gold, it must be 10 grams or more. You can open your e-Deposit account with special interest rates through DenizBank Online Banking or MobilDeniz, and receive higher earnings compared to standard term interest rates. Accounts that are opened on behalf of natural persons, not subject to commercial transactions, in TL, foreign currency, or precious metals are covered by the insurance up to 100,000 TL for each natural person in a deposit bank.

I am a DenizBank customer, how can I open an e-Deposit account?

If you are a DenizBank customer, you can instantly log in to Online Banking or MobilDeniz with your user name and password to open an e-Deposit Account and get interest income immediately. If you are not yet an Online Banking or MobilDeniz user, you can immediately create your user name with your Turkish ID, credit or debit card and instantly open your e-Deposit account, which offers you favorable interest rates.

I am not a DenizBank customer, how can I open an e-Deposit account?

If you are not a DenizBank customer, you can apply immediately to meet the advantageous world of Digital Deniz. After completing your application, and our visit to your address, you can immediately open your e-Deposit account with a special rate through Online Banking or MobilDeniz, and start earning interest income.

How do I deposit money to / withdraw money from an e-Deposit account?

It is extremely easy to deposit money to your e-Deposit account. By logging into your Online Banking or MobilDeniz account, you can deposit money to your E-Deposit account at any time and start earning more from your savings immediately. You can benefit from the special advantages and deals offered to you to carry out your transactions easily without coming to the branch.

With DenizBank Personal Banking services, it is just as easy to withdraw money from your e-Deposit account as it is to deposit to the account. You can withdraw money from your e-deposit account at any time using Online Banking, Phone Banking, ATM banking and other withdrawal methods offered by DenizBank.

What are e-Deposit interest rates?

Special favorable interest rates apply to your TL/USD/EUR/Gold term deposit accounts that you will open through Online Banking or MobilDeniz. E-deposit interest rates vary depending on market conditions. You can log in to your Online Banking or MobilDeniz Account to find out the current interest rates, or you can instantly view the current interest rates (the specified interest rates are annual, gross and simple interest rates) published on the e-deposit page.

With DenizBank Online and Mobile Banking, you do not need to make long and exhausting deposit calculations to find out how much you will gain from your savings. By logging into your Online Banking or MobilDeniz account, you can easily calculate interests for your savings in your e-Deposit account with one click, and you can instantly see the term deposit income you can get. Whether it is 1,000 TL or 100,000 TL, with exclusive opportunities offered to you in the world of Digital Deniz, you can access deposit interest calculation, interest rates, loan interest rates and more with one click.

What is the minimum term for e-Deposit?

The minimum term for e-deposit accounts is 4-7 days for TL and 15-22 days for USD and Euro. You can log in to your DenizBank Online Banking or MobilDeniz account to get the latest information on terms and special offers for you.

What can I do with the MobilDeniz application?

You can use MobilDeniz, a Mobile Banking app, to open an e-deposit account and access DenizBank's products and services through your smartphone. Compatible with IOS and Android phones, the MobilDeniz app enables you to quickly and easily make transactions anytime, anywhere. After downloading the MobilDeniz app from the App Store and Google Play, you can start using the app immediately with your Online Banking username and password. With the Remember Me feature, you can also log in to the system without entering your username.