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FX Term Deposit Account

Take action now to benefit from DenizBank deposit accounts full of opportunities!


  • With different term options and interest rates updated according to the market, you can manage your foreign exchange savings in the most profitable and secure way.
  • You can benefit from high interest rates by evaluating your foreign exchange investments with flexible term options of up to 120 days, thus investing in the future by multiplying your savings.
  • By utilizing the welcome interest of the FX Term Deposit Account, you can enjoy the privilege of being a DenizBank customer, feel safe and be ahead of the game when investing.
  • 200,000 TL of the term deposit accounts are under the guarantee of the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

* Deposits opened in domestic branches in TL, FX and precious metals, except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are within the scope of insurance up to 650,000 TL in 2024, at each deposit bank, for each person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an FX term deposit account?

An FX term deposit account enables you to capitalize on your foreign exchange savings in a safe and profitable way. By offering different interest rates according to the term options you choose, it allows your savings to exponentially increase.

How do I open an FX term deposit account?

You can open your FX term deposit account at anytime and anywhere with the most convenient term and interest options. If you want, you can use the Internet Branch, MobilDeniz application, call 0850 222 0 800 for phone banking or visit the nearest DenizBank branch to open your account.

You can capitalize on your FX savings without going to the branch. You can benefit from favorable interest rates, special to the Internet Branch, determined in various term and amount portions for your USD or Euro term deposit accounts. Fill out the application form to apply for an FX term deposit account through the Internet branch; then we will contact you and complete the procedure.

What is the lower limit for opening an FX term deposit account?

The lower limit for opening an FX term deposit account, which enables you to gain the maximum earnings with its various term and interest options, is 1,000 for each currency type.

What are the interest rates for the FX term deposit account?

If you have an FX term deposit account at DenizBank, which is full of opportunities, you can benefit from different interest rates for different term options. You can get information about the most current interest rates and calculate FX term deposit interests.

What should I take into consideration when closing my FX term deposit account?

When closing a deposit account, you must send a written order to our branch and forward your bank book to our bank. Otherwise, your bank book will become invalid because you have closed your account with the balance specified in it.