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Multi-Currency Deposit Account

Let the interest return be added to your savings while you earn from exchange rate fluctuations with a multi-currency deposit account!

General Information

Multi-Currency Deposit Account holders receive interest on their savings throughout the negotiated term. On the one hand, your money gains value, and on the other hand, it is redirected to different currencies determined by DenizBank investment experts. You can benefit from both exchange rate movements and interest income. You can switch between any currencies at any time and amount. You can use the parity advantage without losing the interest due to switching.


  • You can currently use Turkish Lira, Euro, USD, GBP, CHF and JPY within a Multi-Currency Deposit Account. You can switch between these currencies. 
  • You do not need to wait for the end of the term to switch to a currency. 
  • If you switch currencies during the term, you will not lose any interest. 
  • A Multi-Currency Deposit Account can be opened with a term range of 30 or 35 days.
  • You can invest with more than one currency at a time.
  • The Multi-Currency Deposit Account is protected against sudden and unexpected changes in exchange rate fluctuations. 
  • You don't have to wait for the end of the term in order to take advantage of developments.

* Deposits opened in domestic branches in TL, FX and precious metals, except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are within the scope of insurance up to 650,000 TL in 2024, at each deposit bank, for each person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Lower Limits on a Multi-Currency Deposit Account?

You can use six different currencies in a Multi-Currency Deposit Account.

  • 50,000 Turkish Lira
  • 10,000 Euro
  • 10,000 US Dollars
  • 10,000 British Pounds
  • 10,000 Swiss Francs
  • 1,000,000 Japanese Yen

What Are Interest Rates in a Multi-Currency Deposit Account?

Interest rates set for six different currencies in a Multi-Currency Deposit Account are as follows:

  • Turkish Lira – 10.25%
  • Euro – 0.05%
  • US Dollar – 1.90%
  • British Pound – 0.75%
  • Swiss Franc – 0.5625%
  • Japanese Yen – 0.10 %

Can I Invest in Different Currencies?

DenizBank updates the foreign currencies and interest amounts determined according to market conditions in certain periods. You can contact the information hotline or our branches to find out the available currencies.