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Savings Account

With the Savings Account, invest in your future more easily with small amounts of savings!

General Information

DenizBank Savings Account offers the opportunity to build up savings with small amounts that will be automatically transferred from your checking account or credit card with your order. Designed in a way that facilitates many financial investments, DenizBank Savings Account offers cooperation to help you invest in your future from today. By only connecting your credit card or checking account to DenizBank Savings Account, you can build up your savings in Euro, USD, and gold, as well as Turkish Lira. You can select the gold type as a quarter, half, and full, and create your savings account on a weekly or monthly basis. With the regular savings order, you can automatically transfer your weekly or monthly savings from your credit card or checking account connected to your Savings Account.


The Savings Account is a checking account, so it does not charge any interests such as card fees, general dues, etc. and it does not have any maturity.

  • The Savings Account can be opened in TL, USD, EUR, and Gold.
  • For savings in gold, you can place orders in grams, as well as in quarter, half, or full gold.
  • In accordance with your order, the money will be automatically and regularly deposited from your checking account or credit card to your Savings Account.
  • You can withdraw or deposit money from your Savings Account at any time.
  • The option of placing orders from your credit card is only available on DenizBank Credit Cards.
  • You can make savings with a regular savings order on a monthly, or if you want, weekly basis.
  • You can place a regular savings order for a minimum of 90 days.

* Deposits opened in domestic branches in TL, FX and precious metals, except for those belonging to official institutions, credit institutions and financial institutions, are within the scope of insurance up to 650,000 TL in 2024, at each deposit bank, for each person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Savings Account?

A savings account is one of the types of deposits that help you invest in the future from today. A savings account can transfer savings to the account with or without interest, depending on the type of account. Interest types may vary depending on the account balance.

What Investments Can We Make in the Savings Account?

You can make regular investments in the Savings Account in Turkish Lira, Euro, Dollar, and full, half, and quarter gold.

How Can I Start Saving at the Minimum?

In the savings deposit of the Savings Account, you can make weekly or monthly savings starting from 50 TL, 25 USD/EUR, or 0.5 gr gold from your checking account or credit card. You can deposit quarters and halves of gold, as well as full gold, into your account.

Can I Deposit into or Withdraw from My Savings Account?

You can withdraw money from and deposit money into your Savings Account via the nearest ATM and DenizBank branches at any time.

Is DenizBank Savings Account Safe?

Accounts that are opened on behalf of natural persons, not subject to commercial transactions, in TL, foreign currency, or precious metals are covered by the insurance up to 200,000 TL for each natural person in a deposit bank. Thus, you can make savings in your Savings Account with your mind at peace.

How Can I Start Making Transactions in a Savings Account?

You can start investing in your future today by visiting DenizBank Online Banking or the nearest DenizBank branch to have a Savings Account and start making transactions.